Fall Arrangement

Greet your guests at the door with this quick fall arrangement. See how to mix seasonal dried leaves and flowers for an arrangment that fits in almost anywhere.

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A beautiful hanging fall bouquet is something that everybody will adore this holiday season. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and I've got a great idea for you whether you want something for outdoors or indoors, this will fit the belt. Now, I wanna go over with you what I got at the craft store `cause I found some great things! First of all, we've all seen these wonderful, little, metal ornate, hanging containers with a beautiful little hanger here which quite frankly is really strong too so you can hang it on just about anything. And then, I went over to the floral area and they have all these great flowers and fillers that are fantastic for the fall season. Look at this great selection; these, I love the most! Now, it's super simple to create a bouquet when you use things like sand or floral foam. If using sand, you can get this at a hardware store or maybe even your home center. What I wanna do is just put my little container in here so I don't make a mess and fill this up with sand. And the reason why I like to use sand is that it's very pliable when you wanna make your arrangements. So, if you're ever working with a vase that is maybe colored so you don't see inside, this is what you wanna use if you're using silk flowers too, but these are dried. Now, I'm gonna go from right to left and for the background, I wanna use something that's a little bit more dense. So, think about things like baby's breath or Statice---- things like that would be perfect. Bring some forward, push some back so you create some nice depth in your arrangement; that's very important. And make sure that some are pointed out to the side, so it looks nice and full and lush. These look much like a lamb's ear. I don't know what they are `cause the package wasn't marked, but can I tell you, I like the idea of using thinner and thicker branches in different kind of sizes and shapes. Also, these have flowers at the tip of them and I think they're gonna be a great accent. Now, these are the things that I found in the craft store that I think add so much interest. They were my favorite find and I think that just a little bit of different texture, different shape is really gonna make this arrangement sing. It's always fun to find unique items that you don't expect and to use those in whatever arrangement you're creating. And one of the things I do want you to think about when you're making arrangements like these is this will be great for fall, but you wanna know what? This also, if you take it apart and put spring flowers in here, will be great for May Day and for Easter. Now, I just wanna add these two wonderful--these are blooming seed pods. I don't know what they are exactly, but I think they are perfection with this bouquet. Now, I wanna fill in what's leftover so it looks nice and dense and lush, and that's why I saved some of my background filler. I wanna snap the branches off `cause I need them to be a little shorter to fill in the front here. Let's put one over on this side. We've got some here. They'll be having that branch out and fan, and then with the rest of the wheat, I wanna just cut these a little bit shorter, so they fit right down in the front and add a wonderful finishing touch. One final touch in front and I think this is going to be perfect. I cannot wait to hang this on my door. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, healthy, and fun holiday season.