Apple Wreath

Make a wreath that's the apple of anyone's eye. Watch how easy it is to make this versatile seasonal decoration you can use throughout the fall.

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Wreaths are one of the things that everybody loves, whether it's on the mantel or on your door, it is a welcoming thing to anybody's warm home, and I wanna show you a great wreath; this is called an apple wreath, and it's perfect for the holiday season. Hi! I'm Sandra Lee, and this may look difficult to do, but can I tell you? It is super simple if you know how to utilize your craft store. Now, there's a lot of things at the craft store. When you walk in the door, what do you look for first? First you wanna find a pretty little form. This is a wonderful little twig form that's already in the shape of a heart, and this is gonna act as our base. Then I went over to the floral section and I got these pretty little ferns and also these pretty little branch flowers with berries in them. They're gonna be great for fall. So, as I was in that aisle, I saw these great little plastic apples, artificial apples, but they look real, but you could certainly pick up pears or anything that you want. Next, I wanted to get some ribbons. So, I got the accent colors to go with my berry flower branches and my apples. These are the perfect color accent for my wreath. Let's start. Let me show you how I have started to put this together. Super simple to do. You're also gonna need a glue gun for this project. I went and just pulled off some of these branches of the fern and I'm gonna lay this down. That's your first thing. You wanna lay this down as your base to work for. From there, follow the wreath down like this and then all I'm gonna do is just hot glue this right into place. Take your glue gun, nice generous squirt of glue and then put this right into place like this. The next thing is your apples. Now, when you are thinking about apples, you want to figure out how many go around. This wreath takes 13. This is an 8-inch wreath. So, just measure it by laying those out. Now, the top apple, I have left the stem on there, but the rest of them, I'm gonna go ahead and just cut the stems and also the wires off, so that we can hot glue this in a nice organized fashion. Glue goes down and then go ahead and place your apple right next to the one above it. Push that into place. Hold that for just a second so the glue can harden up just a bit. Now for the fillers, so you don't see any glue or any of that stuff, what I've chosen are these beautiful fall harvest colors. These have beautiful berries and flowers on them. All you need are 2; you can pop `em right off the branch. You don't even have to cut them, and 1 goes on each side of the apple. Hot glue those into place. These have a nice space to work from, and there we go. And just follow the same instruction all the way around your wreath. For the final touch, some pretty satin ribbon is perfection. These colors go great with this wreath, and I wanna show you real quickly how to hang it up because this looks like the hard part, but it's actually the easiest part. Alright. The first thing I did was I layered the smaller ribbon on top of the wider ribbon, just like this, and I hot glued both ends so they stay together. Then, all you do is go from end to end. Go ahead and just loop that over and hot glue those together, just like I've done here to secure it. For the final step, all you're gonna do is take your wreath, go to the backside and see where that nice space is there? Just take your glue gun and give yourself the widest foundation and the most glue that you can afford on your wreath to hang this up because remember, it's gotta hold the weight of the wreath onto your door. And that is it. Let this set and harden up and you're gonna have a beautiful apple wreath for your home in no time. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.