Wheat Centerpiece

Celebrate the harvest season by making an elegant wheat centerpiece. Cut the wheat to even lengths and arrange it to match the shape of your container.

Nothing says fall like a glorious harvest wheat centerpiece, and you'll be surprised at how easy this is to put together. I'm Sandra Lee, and I've got a great project for you today. If you are a fan of these beautiful wheat centerpieces or topiaries in general, this is the project for you. It's super simple to do if you know what to use. Now, I've gone down to my local hardware store to get a bag of sand, but you could also get that at your home centers, anywhere at all, and I have a beautiful container. This is a pedestal urn that I'm gonna use for this project, but you can use the container of your choice, whatever you like. I also stopped by the craft store, and at the craft store, they sell these beautiful little prepackaged bouquets of wheat, and this is what I'm gonna use. Now, I've already precut about 4 of these packages here, and I'm gonna show you how to do that in 1 second, but I wanna point out to you that I also picked out there some wonderful Spanish moss, and this is just gonna finish it off to perfection. Let's talk about our wheat. Now, all you have to do is just take it out of your package once you get it, and they always come bound together with either a rubber band or a little twisty tie, so cut that. Now, whenever you're doing this project, you want to think about what is the height of the bouquet or focal piece that I want to make. Now, normally, the best way to do this is to take the height of your container. This say is 6 inches and go double that so you'll be 12 inches. 13 is fine too. So when I cut my wheat, what I did was cut it, and that's gonna be perfect. This is 13 inches high from top to bottom. Now, I just wanna cut my other wheat bunch the same way, and before I cut that, let me show you a little trick. Take it and tap it like this because you want all those beautiful wheat heads to go to the bottom, and notice how the top here is all of different height. Really important that they be straight so that your bouquet looks perfect. Alright, now, the length I wanna do is right about here. Now I bought myself a special little gift, which is one of these handy dandy little kitchen knives that I only use it for my craft projects, and I'm gonna go ahead and just cut through this wheat just like this. You could do it, of course, with shears if you have that, but I find that the knives work much better. When you're cutting this, make sure you do it on your chopping block. You don't wanna mar your craft table or your dining room table. Heaven forbid. Okay. Now, we've got a nice bouquet here. The first thing you wanna do after you cut your wheat is just take your pedestal container and go ahead and fill this a little bit with a cupful of sand. This is going to help keep all these wonderful wheat in place. Now, I wanna fill this up a little bit, just about halfway. Okay, now, take your first bundle of wheat and go ahead the sand. It's so fabulous. I wanna make that all the same height. Go ahead and just stick this in here and work it down. And then I'm gonna fill it up with a little bit more sand to keep it in place, and work that around. Now you wanna come in here and really work your sand down, and look for any holes that you might have, which is right here. See that hole? Super easy to fix. Just take a little small amount, and you're gonna put it right in there. And I haven't yet worked that sand down. That is great! Okay. One final bit of sand goes right there. Push it down. Now, for my Spanish moss. Alright, the Spanish moss is not only gonna add great decoration for you, but it's also going to act as much more, let's say, like a foundation or maybe even some insulation to this. To start doing your form, we wanna get this into a nice square. Also, what's gonna help with that is your ribbon, plus the ribbon gives a beautiful finished touch as does the moss. Now, if you're not a fan of this type of moss, certainly think of whatever kind of moss, I'm gonna use my scissors here, whatever kind of moss that you like or, do you know what might be beautiful in this, especially for fall, is how about some silk? Let's say silk herbs or something like that. Sage would be beautiful in this. That is going to be super. Okay. Now, it's time for my ribbon. This is such a fun project, and you know what? This is a foolproof project that you can do with your kids, with your grand kids, with your nieces, nephews. Just cut some ribbon off here. This is wire ribbon. This is gonna give you a nice beautiful finished look, and I just wanna take it, and tie myself a pretty little knot, and you know, the bow wants to be about halfway between the top and the bottom, and then we'll just work that around. And don't tie it too tight because you want it to be kind of a nice little square knot. Now, if you have any excess or you wanna create a pretty little edge, simple to do. Just take your scissors, come in here, and cut at a diagonal angle, and here, add a diagonal angle, just like that. And, there you have a pretty little focal piece for any table whether it's your dining room table, coffee table, this is gorgeous. It's also a beautiful gift. From everybody here at bhg.com, we wanna wish you a very happy and healthy, fun holiday season.