Harvest Wreath

Gather up fall’s bounty and put it on display with this simple layered wreath.

This wreath is a great and really natural choice for the fall season. I love whenever possible to use natural elements 'cause it really brings the harvest home. So we're gonna start out with a grapevine wreath like this. You can get this at any craft store. And I've got one that I've halfway started here. So, I'm gonna use some nuts, some walnuts and some leaves. So, I'm gonna work my way from the bottom up. I'm gonna take my trusty hot-glue gun and glue some leaves to the bottom of my wreath. Just stick a little hot glue on that, like that and just stick it right to the bottom, like so. And so you kinda get the idea, you're just gonna keep working with your leaves and attaching them right to the bottom of your wreath like that. Then, to start decorating the top of your wreath, you're gonna grab some walnuts. You can get some pine cones or, you know, you really can use what's outside, which I love to do. So you're gonna stick a bit more glue on your walnuts 'cause they're a little bit heavier and because of their irregular shape. And then, you wanna make sure that you hold them on your wreath for a while until they really set. Okay, that seems pretty good. So now, I'm gonna take my acorns, and I'm just gonna fill in the areas around the walnut. So I'm gonna do some, they are sort of, standing up and some of them that are kind of on their side to mix it up a little bit and do this next one kinda on its side like that. Again, you just wanna hold it to make sure that the glue secures itself. So, you kinda get the idea, you're gonna work your way around with the acorns on the outside and then also on the inside. And then, I kinda scattered some around here to fill in the gaps. But, I've got the finished one right here. And you can see that it's just so great and really natural. I just love it, and I know that your guests are gonna go nuts over this wreath.