Triple Onion Tart

Try this easy appetizer tart full of savory flavors you’ll love.

-Tarts aren't just for desert. Try an appetizing, savory version. Everyone has their go-to recipe when they're asked to bring an appetizer, and this is mine. It's warm and cheesy and always gets rave reviews. Best of all, it's easy. Start with a refrigerated pie crust. Simple already right? Put that in a 9-inch pie plate. Don't worry about the edges for now, we'll take care of that later. Now, just set this aside and get your oven pre-heating at 376 degrees. And now, for the savory part of the tart filling. We've got some sweet onions halved and thinly-sliced, leaks halved lengthwise and thinly sliced, and some shallots- you guessed it, thinly sliced. So, I'm gonna add all of these. There's about a cup of melted butter in my pan, and I'm gonna get all of the veggies in there. Look how gorgeous that looks. Okay. And then, I have some sugar, a little salt and pepper and some nutmeg. Oh, it smells so good. So, I'm gonna get these all mixed together. Now with those leaks, remember you wanna clean them really well because leaks tend to have a lot of dirt and grit inside them, so you wanna make sure you get all of that out. So now, I'm going to cook this over medium- high heat for about 8 minutes. Mmm, smells heavenly. You want them to become tender, but not brown. So this is just about right. Now, for my favorite part- the cheeses. First, we're gonna put in some cream cheese and get that all melted and blended in. I have about 3 ounces here. Then, add some shredded swiss and some Monterey Jack cheese. Now, my little secret is I like to use Pepper jack cheese for that added kick. And I'm gonna mix this altogether until it's nice and cheesy and melty. And then, you can just turn off the heat and you're all set. In a large bowl, I've combined 3 lightly beaten eggs with some whipping cream. And to that, I'm gonna add our cheesy, savory skillet mixture. Look at that cheese. Now, this may not be a low-cal appetizer, but that's okay. You're gonna serve it up in really thin slices. So, stir this in 'til it's all combined. And now, we'll put this in our pastry shell. There we go. Gorgeous, Now, we're just gonna finish off the edges by sort of tucking and overlapping as you go around. It kinda just folds in upon itself. This really is a nice rustic-looking edge. Bake the tart in the pre-heated oven for about 40 minutes until it's all nice and golden brown. You can do the knife test, and when it comes out clean, it's done. Let it cool on a wire rack for about 15 to 20 minutes. And then, it's ready to serve. Cut it into small, thin wedges and you have a new go-to recipe.