Fig & Orange Salad

Light and lively, a surprising combination of flavors make this side salad something special.

-This lively light salad is a nice balance for fall's heavier affair. This Orange and Fig Salad is a mix of so many great flavors and textures. From the bright citrus dressing to the sweet figs, this is not your typical side salad. The foundation for the salad is a f-great mix of greens. You'll need about 6 cups of baby greens. In the store, you'll find that as a mixture of endive, and arugula, radicchio, [unk] are really great flavors. But you could also use mixed greens as well. And you'll add to that some thinly-sliced green onions, and just toss that together. Oranges are doing a lot of work in this salad. You can use some zest, juice and orange sections so you're gonna get a lot of bang for your buck. So, let's start with zest in the orange. You wanna make sure you get just the flavorful orange part, not any of the white pith. Okay. Then, you are going to section your orange. Let's start by cutting off the ends of the orange. Okay. And that will give you a nice, stable working surface. Then, what we're gonna do is run your knife along the orange cutting off all of the white part, so you're down to the beautiful orange that you wanna eat. And you do that all the way around the entire orange. Once you have all the pith removed, you can start sectioning. Now to section the orange, what you're gonna do is hold your hand over one of the bowls, and run your knife of right along that white membrane of the orange and both sides, and let any juices drain into this first bowl. Then, just pop it right out into your second bowl, and do that all the way around the entire orange. This is great because you can get 2 parts of your recipe in one technique. This dressing is nice and light, and might be one you find yourself making a lot. Now, we already have our juice from the orange. To that, I'm gonna add in some olive oil, some white wine or champagne vinegar and the zest from our orange. So much flavor in that zest. Whisk that all together and just pour that over the mixed greens. And toss it to coat. The final additions to this salad really are the stars here. You're gonna use some dried Calimyrna figs, ad here I've already cut them into wedges. Put that right in the salad. Then of course, you have your orange sections. And I'll toss that up, and then season it with a little bit of a pinch of salt and some freshly ground black pepper. Okay, give that a nice stir. Okay. Then, I'll plate this up making sure everyone gets a nice serving of the oranges, making sure they're gonna get some figs and all those flavors in there. And then, finish off your salad with some chopped pecans. Now, that is a salad I could eat as a meal.