Soup Buffet

Entertaining is easy with a simple soup buffet. Get great ideas your guests are sure to warm up to.

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-Get-togethers are a snap with these great ideas for a simple soup buffet. Relax, entertaining doesn't have to be fuzzy and formal think casual, warm and inviting like soup. Soups are perfect to have on hand during the holidays, keep a few varieties in your freezer for unexpected get-togethers or last minute guests. Think about your layout, for a soup buffet it works well to make mini stations. Here's a great presentation tip, elevate your serving dish, pile a stack of books or turn a sturdy pot upside down and drape it with a colorful dish towel or some fabric. Then surround it with bowls, spoons and any other garnishes that go with the soup. A crisp, green salad is a nice compliment to most soups if you wanna serve a side dish. Round out the meal with crusty loaves of bread, crackers and corn muffins are great too. Balancing all your buffet food can be tricky. Provide over sized plates so guest can carry their soup and salad combo and roll silverware in the napkins so it's easy to carry too. It's all about making it low maintenance for you and lots of fun for your guests.