Mummy Luminaria

Light up the night -- or your Halloween buffet -- with these clever little lanterns. Just wrap a jar with masking tape for a fast mummy effect.

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Light up the night with these very cool mummy luminaries. They're so easy to make, and chances are, you have all the supplies that you need for this project laying around your house, and I love that. So what you wanna start out with is you wanna start out with some jars. I've got some old spaghetti jars. You could also use mason jars, applesauce jars, any jars you may have laying around. Then, you're gonna need a little bit of floral wire, and you want something very thin and pliable so that it's not, you know, too hard to work with. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna cut off a piece to make the handle of your luminary. So I'm gonna cut one, let's say about that wide, that long. And I've got my little wire clippers there, so I'm gonna start wrapping it around like this, and you go around the first time and you kind of twist it together. The nice thing about wire is you twist it a couple of times and it's pretty darn secure. So here you go. Got it twisted there. Like that. So make a little twist. Then you wanna poke in your sharp edges. You make sure that there is none that anybody could get stuck with. And then you're gonna flip it around like this to make your handle. And then again, on the other side, you're just gonna tuck it in to the wire you've already wrapped around. So you've got your handle done, like so. I'd twist it around so that it's nice and straight with the jar. Then, you're gonna make some faces for your mummies. I've already precut out my eyes and my nose and my mouth. So I'm gonna use some double stick tape, and I cut some little pieces of double stick tape off. And again, get creative with this stuff. There's no right or wrong way to make your mummy's face. You can make it happy. You can make them sad. So I've got my mouth on. I've got my whole face on. I've got my handle, and now I'm ready to wrap my mummy. So, what you wanna start out with is some masking tape. Cut off a piece like this. And then, you're going to start around the mouth of the jar and just tape around it like this, just to secure your handle. And you noticed your sharp edges are tucked under there nice and secure, so it's kid friendly. Now, we've got to wrap the mummy in bandages, and this is so cool. It's such a cool tip. You take your masking tape. You're gonna just tear so that you have that frayed edge, which is gonna give it that real linen bandage look, and just starting at where I taped it the first time. I'm just gonna start rolling around my luminary, and I chose to keep the jagged side up because I think that that's just a personal preference of mine. You can do it with the jagged side down, you know, you can go crazy. And you don't wanna overlap it too much. You just kinda wanna keep it light. And this is a little time consuming so you've got to be a little patient, but trust me, it's worth it. So we're about halfway Done. And you can see that the eyes and the nose are a little bit obscured, but again when it's lit, it's gonna really pop out. And we're gonna keep on. We've got a little bit more to go. And so now we are done with our luminary. We've got them all taped up. We've got the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. Now it's time to put our little candle in. You can either use a tea-like candle like this or you can use a larger votive. These, of course, last longer so that's what I'm gonna put in there, and just prop it in. Just make sure that it's in there, and these are so great to have around the house to light up all your candles and things. These would be so great to line up the walkway to your house so trick or treaters know exactly where to come, but what I think is really cool is to use these on your buffet table for your Halloween party to really highlight certain dishes.