Bewitching Calzones

Bewitch your friends and family with these tasty little pizzas. Stuffed with a surprise fun filling, they're sure to disappear in no time!

Whip us these fun and delicious witch's hats for Halloween. They're so easy to make. The first thing you wanna do is you wanna start with some sliced pepperoni. I've got some laid out here. And then, there are these cool little hors d'oeuvre cutters. They're like cookie cutters, but they're a little bit smaller. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make my decorations for my witch's hats first. I'm just gonna cut out some cool little shapes. Like that. I've got one there. I'm just gonna pop that out. A little star, and then I'm just gonna make another one. And you can have your kids do the shapes. And then the leftover pepperoni, you're just gonna actually just cut it up, and you're just gonna put it in with the rest of the pepperoni that you're using for the filling. So I'm just gonna pop that in there and I'm gonna put this to the side for when I'm ready to decorate my witch's hats. So I've got my pepperoni here. I've got some cream cheese, and I've also got some Parmesan cheese, and all of these together is gonna make the delicious filling inside. So I'm just gonna put my pepperoni in here with my cream cheese, and this is all the kind of stuff that kids just absolutely love. This is gonna be such a huge hit. So I'm just gonna mix in my pepperoni, and then I've got here some Parmesan cheese. So once you've got it all mixed up there, now it's time for your actual witch's hats, which are so cool. So for that, I'm using crescent rolls. They come already perforated, and then this triangular shape, which makes them so super duper easy. I'm just gonna take a spoon full of these delicious topping. Perfect. And then, to kinda stick it all together, you're gonna need a little bit of an egg wash. This is egg with a little bit of water just to keep it nice and soft so you can kind of brush it on really easily. I'm just using a brush. I'm just gonna put it on the edges of my crescent rolls, my witch's hats, and this is just to make sure that when you put the second layer of the hat on, it really sticks together and you don't have this filling kind of oozing out of the edges. And now, I've got my rolls already ready to go. This is the shape that they come in right out of the package so it's kind of a no-brainer, and I'm just gonna push it down on the edges like this just to make sure that the egg wash really, really secures it, and same thing at the bottom. Just really push it in. Now, once you've got it nice and pressed, you wanna give it a little bit of character and make it more, look more like a witch's hat, so I'm just gonna take the rim of it and kind of flip it up like it were, like as if it were an old witch's hat and the brim were so big and kind of sloppy. I love that. And then, to give it a nice little point, give it some character, I'm just gonna kind of twist the top around like that. And you can have fun with this. You can do whatever you'd like just to make it look a little bit more witchy. To make sure that the filling doesn't spill out of the edges, you also wanna make sure you poke in a couple of holes with a fork, so that you can allow the steam to kind of come out as they're cooking. Then you're gonna grab your shapes that you made before that are so fun and cool, your stars, and your ghost, and your cats, and whatever you've got, and you're gonna kinda just decorate these. I'm just gonna put like a big ghost on the top of one. Oh, so cool, and maybe some stars along the sides, just to make it fun. Maybe a star and a moon, and here we've got a little star. So once you've got these all decorated however you want, this is so fun to get the kids involved in because they love things like this, you can, you know, put together some condiments that can also act as like maybe a little bit of sparkle for the hats. Some herbs for their little potions and things, so I've got some oregano here. I'm just gonna sprinkle some on there, and maybe I'll do the other one with some red pepper. Then once you've got these done, you're gonna put these in the oven for 450 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes, and then once you've got them all cooked up, they look like this right here. These bewitching treats are gonna be a big hit. [unk]