Black Widow Chairs

Planning a Halloween gathering? Try this inexpensive way to "slipcover" your chairs with netting.

Halloween is the time that you can show your style throughout your home. Look at this beautiful chair, and it's super simple to make and inexpensive. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and I've got a great idea for you. Pick up chairs at maybe your local garage sale or possibly a secondhand store and spray paint them black. You could do one or you could do an entire collection, but what I want you to do is go to your fabric store and pick up some black twill. In fact, this is 7 yards but, of course, you might wanna measure it to your chair depending on the size. Now, I've cut this in half, so it's about 3-1/2 yards per side and what I wanna do is I'm gonna cover my chair this way, just like so, and let it drape on both sides. Make sure that it's even. And then, I'm gonna go around the other way with the other 3-1/2 yards, just like this. It's a beautiful chair skirt. You could also think about this maybe for a loveseat in your living room. That would be gorgeous! Now, make sure your guests have enough room to sit, so push it down here on the seat and let it just hang down. It takes 2 yards of beautiful satin orange ribbon to make a sash around your black twill, and to give a nice, elegant, and sophisticated flair to your chair. Go ahead and tie this and put it in a nice, little knot, just like so to secure it. Before you tie your bow, make sure it's nice and tight, just like that. Now, you could leave this here, but I am gonna put my bow on because I think it gives it a beautiful finish. Whether you're entertaining or this is just a focal piece, maybe in an entryway, it's certainly a very cute and very easy idea. And one that I think everybody will enjoy. Now, for the ends. Just take your scissors and cut it right like so to finish it off, and make it look like it's professionally done. Now, if you wanted to, you could even embellish it with these cute little black plastic spiders or maybe a holiday ornament. A fast, little shot from my glue gun puts that on there perfectly. From everybody here at, we wanna wish you a very happy and fun Halloween season.