Mini Pumpkin Wreath

Create a cute mini-pumpkin wreath for Halloween. When you buy your supplies at a craft store, be sure to set the pumpkins around the wreath to see how many will fit.

Halloween can be welcoming if you know exactly what to put on your front door to greet your guests. Hi! I'm Sandra Lee and I've got a fantastic project for you today to go right on your festive holiday door. Now, when you go into the craft store, I want you to look for things that are not ordinary like beautiful pumpkins. These have quite a shimmer as they have pretty little beads all over them, glass little crystal beads, and they're inexpensive. Then, I picked up a gorgeous wreath frame just like this. This is 18 inches, but you can do it to the size of your door. 12 might be nice as well, or you can do 3 in a row. Now, I've also picked up about 3 yards of beautiful black ribbon, and I want you to remember to get the ribbon with the wire in it. It makes your life a lot easier and your projects go by much faster plus it gives a beautiful, beautiful effect when you arrange it and it's very forgiving. Now, let's talk a little bit about how to assemble this because this may look difficult, elegant and beautiful and expensive, but it was not. The first thing I did was laid my wreath down on a flat surface and then I took my pumpkins. Now, you're gonna need a lot of glue for this and you gonna wanna put it right on the bottom of the pumpkin. So, make sure you have plenty of glue sticks on hand. Those are inexpensive, so they will not eat up your budget. Then, take this and just pop this right into place. You also wanna use a lot of glue with this project because when you're working with a wreath, like a twig wreath like this, some of the areas are uneven. So they may not sit down as easily, and you wanna make sure you have a nice foundation to work from. Hold that into place, and that's all you do. Now, make sure you have enough pumpkins to go all the way around. So measure it before you leave the craft store by laying it out right then and there. All right. Now let's talk about the bows. Everybody thinks that bows are very difficult to make especially when they look like that, and normally in the craft store and this kinda ribbon, they'd be a fortune, but you can do it easily at home. I figured out a way where you can wrap this all by yourself and give a great accent. But before I show you how to make that, I wanna put the tails on the wreath because I do it separately. This is an extra length of the same ribbon, and all I'm gonna do is wrap this underneath one of the twigs and pull this down. Now on this wreath, I did 4. So, I did 2 lengths. And on this one, I'm just gonna do the 2 just like this. That will be great for this one. One on the front door, one on the back door. Everything matches. Or one on the outside and one on the inside. Take your ribbon and just wrap it around just like this. Just fold it and you might want to make it a little bigger than I'm doing right now, and all you're gonna do is wrap the whole thing in a large loop. Now I also want you to get some black pipe cleaners. This will help you to secure it to your wreath evenly and give you a lot of flexibility. Now you're gonna hold this like this together. Don't worry about the inside ends because you can cut those later. Pop that on to your wreath here, and I want you to do it nice and tight right up against those pumpkins. That's very important. Take your pipe cleaners. By the way, this is 2 pipe cleaners put together. Wrap this around and tie it from behind. You can snip the excess later or you can actually attach this. I'll turn this over. You can attach this right with the pipe cleaners to your door. Now I want you to twist it nice and tight, then take these ends and lay them flat down onto your wreath. You can even hot glue them behind if you wanted. Now, when you come in here to do your bows, separate all of the different ribbon loops away from each other just like this. Now what I want you to do is come in here and just kind of layer them around, bringing one into the center and use that wire. Make that wire work for you. There's one hiding back here so let's pull this out, and that's all there is to it. Nothing fancy and nothing hard, but I do have one final thought for you. For a little bit of detail and to give you a little bit of a creepy effect. Why don't you try one of these little plastic spiders, hot glue his little bottom back here, right on to one of your pumpkins. From everybody here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, healthy and fun Halloween season.