Ghostly Glasses

What a boo-tiful way to greet guests! Hand out glasses with an easy-to-make ghostly wrap.

What a great way to greet your guests! Create a signature drink with a ghostly wrap. Ghoulishly good martinis deserve a ghostly glass. And to make that, what you're gonna do is you're gonna download a template for this cute little ghost from Once you've downloaded it, you're going to just trace it on to some craft foam like this. I've traced one on here. And then using a pair of scissors, you're just gonna cut this guy out. So now, you're just gonna cut this out of your craft foam, and you know, you don't have to use this just for martinis if you're doing a kid's Halloween party. Why not make some delicious mocktails. They'll really get a kick out of these little ghostly creatures on their glasses. See, you kinda get the idea. I'm not gonna cut this whole one out. I've actually got one that I've got completed over here. And our ghost needs some eyes and of course, a mouth. Woooh! So I've cut out some eyes out of some black craft foam and I've got them right here, and just using your glue gun, you're just gonna stick them on. That and then one more, right there. And then he needs a ghoulish mouth, and I've cut out some here that are kind of worm-shaped, I'd say, just to kinda show that he's in the middle of moaning, a ghoulish moan! And I'm just gonna glue that one right there. Perfect! So now, we've got our ghost. Now, we need to attach them to our martini glass and I happen to have one right here. Super easy! What you need is, you need some Velcro, the self-stick kind. It comes with a furry side and then a tacky side, like this. So you're just gonna put your furry side and your tacky side together, and I'll take the double stick part off of the furry side. And I'm just gonna put this on the shoulder of my ghost, right here, and make sure that's really well stuck there. So now, we need to attach our ghoulish little guy to our martini glasses and the way we're gonna do that is we're actually gonna flip him up like this, and then you wrap him around your glass nice and tight, like so. And now, I'm just gonna remove the tape off of this, and just tighten him up and stick it right on there. And the cool thing about this is that when you wanna wash the glass, you can just peel it off, and wash it. And, you can even store these flat and use them next Halloween. Woooh! Happy Halloween!