Bat Cones

Guests are sure to hang around to make sure they get one of these batty favors! The secret….a simple cone!

These bats won't hang around for long once your guests see what's stashed inside. These little guys are perfect for any kids' party or even adults' party because they make bat-tastic party favors. So, what you're gonna need is you're gonna need to download the template for this from So once you got that, you're just gonna take some black construction paper and cut out your bats. Then, with either chalk or a pencil, you're gonna mark your marks from your template, where the eyes should go, where the little fangs should go, where you should make your holes on the side, and then finally, where you should score your bat. So what scoring means is you're just gonna make an indentation in the construction paper. You're not gonna cut all the way through. That's just so it's easier to fold it when you have to. So, I'm actually gonna use the back of my X-Acto knife, and I'm just gonna make a crease to score it like this, and then, I'm going to use these really, really cool rhinestone self-sticky eyes, and these are so the bat has like creepy red eyes. I'm gonna use this medium size right here, and these are great 'cause they're peel and stick. You just peel 'em off and stick 'em right on, and I've got 1 eye for my bat, and 1 more, right here. Oh, he's already starting to look super creepy, and then, I'm gonna use this small hole punch, like this. You can get this at any craft store in the scrapbooking department, and I'm gonna make my little holes on the side here. There's one, and then there's 2. So, I've got 1 right here that I've actually done a Puffy Paint on 1 side and I've got my Chocolines on the other. So, I'm gonna grab my Puffy Paint again and just make the skeleton of our batty wings, and then, I'm just gonna let this dry, and once he's dry, he'll look something like this guy over here. Oh, and then the batty wings on the back. So, you're gonna fold them. You've got your scored side here. On your scored side, you're gonna kind of match up to the other side to make a little cone. Kinda like this, and this is so that any candy that you put inside actually doesn't come spilling out, and then you're gonna grab your hot glue, and just run your hot glue right along the side where you have your scored, and then you're gonna fold it like so. You're gonna grab some thin ribbon, and this ribbon's gotta be thin enough so that it'll fit through the little holes that you've made. Perfect. Got 1 done, and then, I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side. Perfect, and then, you just need to hang 'em. So, just make a little tie like this at the top, small little knot, and you can hang 'em on just about anything, and I've actually got 1 that's completed right here, and you're gonna fill it with, I'm filling it with delicious candy corns. Who can resist the candy corn really? And now, he's --