Bewitching Words

This idea "rocks"! They're super simple to make, and you can scatter your spooky Halloween messages almost anywhere!

Make your Halloween rock with this really, really easy project. What you wanna do is you wanna start out with some rocks. You can pick any of these rocks up at a garden store. You wanna make sure that the rocks that you picked out are very smooth because we're actually gonna be putting some writing on it. So it needs to be nice and smooth. And what I did was I washed the rocks before I started working on them to get any grit that could be left over on them. You may even wanna brush them with a little kind of vegetable sort of brush to get any grit off. Once you've got your rock nice and clean, leave it out to dry so that it's perfectly dry. And then you grab some spray paint. When you spray paint, you wanna make sure that you use latex gloves because it's really hard to clean out if you don't. And you wanna make sure that you use it in a nice, well-ventilated area. So you're gonna spray paint 1 side of your rock, let that dry, and then flip it over and spray paint the other. And then if you have to touch up the areas around the side, then you do that. Once you've spray painted it, you're gonna have a nice black rock like this. And I'm gonna show you guys how to put letters on them really easily and make some really spooky messages to have around the house. But if you don't wanna paint them like I just chose to use this rock the way that it is, you can just keep a regular, you know, natural rock like this. I think this is just a really cool color. And then, there are these really nice scrapbooking letters that you can get at any sort of craft store. And some of them come with really cool holiday messages. You can get some really Halloweeny messages. I'm gonna take off some of these letters. Let's start with an E, let's see. And the nice thing about these letters is that you can get some really cool fonts that you otherwise probably couldn't get. So, the scrapbooking is a great, great supply area to get all of your crafting stuff. And I'm gonna put a K on there. Ooh. And then I'm gonna look for an exclamation point. I think it's around here somewhere, aha! There it is. It's that easy! Now, you can use this on an end table. You can put these, use these as doorstops if you picked a rock that's big enough, and well I'm gonna use this for as I'm gonna put these on my buffet table for Halloween so people know what they're eating. It's fun. It's easy and it's fast.