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Squiggles & Stripes Glassware

Looking for a fast boost to your Halloween decor? These easy-to-make vases are a colorful addition to your holiday.

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If you're in a pinch and you need one great Halloween decorating idea, this is it. This is so easy. You wanna start out with some cylindrical vases. You can either use cups. If you got very cylindrical cup around the house or sometimes scented candles come in these cylindrical things, and you don't know what to do with the candle is done. Just boil the water, throw them in there, and make sure all the wax is out, and then you've got these perfect cylinders that are so great for projects like this. So, what you wanna do is once you've got your cylinder, you take construction paper, and then I like to use this decora scissors that kind of have a fun edge to them to give it a little bit more of a festive look, so I just cut some strips out of regular strips of construction paper. I just made my edge a little bit more fun like this, and this is such a quick and easy project, and the color is so fun, and you can do so many different things with it---- the vases once they are done. So, once you've got this little decorative edge here, you just take some double stick tape like this, and you just put it right along the border. I'm just going to go ahead and put the border right up to the edge of my cylinder and wrap it around like this, and the cylinder is important because when you're doing borders like this, if you've got something that's got a little bit of a pitch to it, when you wrap it around, it'll tend to pucker, and you won't get this really really smooth look. So, once you've got your border on there, then I'm gonna do a border at the bottom, so you flip your cylinder over, and you start again from the bottom doing the same thing along the bottom edge, and you can get creative about this. I'm just doing this pattern, but you can put stripes on there. You can do whatever you want. You can even cut out, you know, little ghoulish figures and put them on here, whatever you'd like. So, I've got my top and my bottom done, and now for the center, there are these really terrific hole punches that you can get in all sorts of sizes. You can even punch like little figures and critters and stuff that you want to put on them, and I'm just gonna take a little bit of tape and put in the back of my little circle, and then I can stick these around wherever I want, and this is so easy. You can have the kids help you out with this. It is such a quick and easy little project. So, I'll put my circles there and however you wanna do it again. Get creative. There're no real rules. You can use them with the lids on them if you happen to have lids. If you don't, it's no big deal. You can use them for candy and put them, you know, glue them together on a table so that when kids come, they can just stick their hands in, grab candy corn, grab licorice, or this is such a cute idea. You can actually use it as a centerpiece and group a couple of them together. You know, I've got lemon drops in here. You could use dried flowers or something like creepy willows, something that's really spooky and gives it that Halloween feeling. You just put them in there and then fill up the rest with candy or rocks or whatever you'd like to really make a cool Halloween centerpiece, and the trick to doing this always is you wanna make sure you put the flowers in or whatever you're trying to put in first, and then put the smaller things around it. You can use marbles too. That's always a cool idea. So, there you go. It's such a fast and easy project, and it adds so much spirit to your Halloween feeling.