Ghoulish Garland

Send a seasonal message with this easy garland. Use scrapbooking papers to tailor it to your party's theme.

Send a ghoulish message this Halloween with this easy-to-make garland. So, how you get started on this is that each letter is actually composed of 3 different pieces of paper or different cards basically. We've got one, which is our base. This is scrapbook paper. I love scrapbook paper because it comes in a ton of different colors and patterns. Then you've got your card stock, and then I've got card stock with the actual letter that I'm going to be spelling out my words in. You actually just use double-stick tape, and you cut a little piece off and put it in the corners like so, and then once I've done that, you actually just stick it right on. You try to make it as centered as possible, and stick it right on to your paper like this. And now, these are letters that I printed up on my own computer. These are just fonts that I pulled right off of my Word programs and you print them up on the card stock paper. You cut them yourself, and then you've got some really cool fonts that really give it that Halloweeny feel. Now you put your double-stick tape on it, and you stick that on like that, and you've got your letter. So once you've got your letter, now you need to make the holes to be able to string it through to attach it to your garland. So what I did was, because I was just making so many letters, I created a little template. So you line it up there, and you're actually just gonna use a regular hole puncher and hole punch right through the template holes you've created, like that, and then you take away your template. And now, I'm working on this one right here, and I am sure you guys can guess what this is, but it basically, you just thread it through the holes like this. Do 1 side, and then you thread it through the other. So I've got my end on there. So guess what this one says. Halloween! So we've got happy and Halloween, and the great thing about using the ribbon to make your garland is that if you've got a really small space and you want it to drape, you can kind of either mount it like this. If you've got to stretch it out, you can mount it like this. It's super flexible, and it's so easy to make. So send us creepy message this Halloween with this boo-tiful garland.