Treat Tree

Hang your treats from this spooky "tree." Spray-paint some contorted willow to hold the bags, then let guests take their pick.

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Hang treats from this old tree that you can create in minutes. This is such an easy project and it's so cool. So you start out with some contorted willow, and it comes in this kind of bleached form which you can use it like this which I kind of like it `cause it looks sort of skeletal, or you can spray paint it and I've spray painted these black. When you use spray paint, you wanna make sure you use gloves to protect your hands, but you also wanna make sure you use it in a really well ventilated area `cause it can be really, really smelly. Once you've got your willow painted on all sides, you're gonna get a nice big vase. Pick something that's spooky, maybe you know, has some, like this one's kind of Gothic looking, and you're gonna put your willow right in there, and they tend to stick together so you wanna just kind of put `em in one at a time and place them how you'd like `em. Like so, and the shape is just so eerie. It looks like little monster fingers trying to grab you. Okay, so here we go, and you wanna spread them out as you put them in. You don't need many of these. You could probably just get away with 1 package of them, it should be fine. See, let's get this one over here, and so now we've got our skeletal remains of our tree, and we can put some treat bags on `em, and for the treat bags, this is so super easy. Go to a party shop and get little bags like this. You can use all kinds of scrapbooking scissors that have some really neat edges, and just trim the top of your edges off, just to give them a little bit of flair. I decorated the actual bags with some foam creatures. You can cut `em out of foam, and cut the little eyeballs out. You can do whatever you want really. The sky is the limit, but the thing you have to remember is when you make your treat bag, you use a hole punch and you make a hole in the front and the back of the bag like this, and then, you use your pipe cleaners and you're gonna put the pipe cleaner right through one side of the gift bag, like this, and kinda twist it around so that it's really in there, and then, you're also going to put it through the hole in the back of the gift bag, like this, and the best feature about this, is that it's easy on, and then when your guest want `em,it's easy off. This treat tree is a spook-tacular idea.