Hairy Spiders

Big Hairy Spiders

Scared of spiders? This easy project could cure you! Use basic supplies to create oversized spiders for BIG Halloween fun.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

There is nothing itsy-bitsy about this spider that we're gonna make today. This is such a cool and easy project. The first things you're gonna need are you're gonna need some styrofoam balls. You can get this at any craft store, and you want a smaller one for the head and a bigger one for the body of the spider. So what I have done is I got a bunch of skewers, so I just actually stuck a skewer into the ball like this. So I've got one here that I've already painted. And the skewer helps you while you're painting it because you can spin it around while you're spray painting it, and you're gonna use the skewers to attach the 2 together. So you've just kind of jam them in like that. So you've got your head and your body attached. That's not going anywhere. And then, you want to make your legs for your spider. These are pipe cleaners. They're chenille pipe cleaners. We managed to get these that are kind of bumpy, that have a little bit more of an anatomical sort of feel to them. If you've got regular pipe cleaners, that's fine. These just look a little bit more creepy. So you're just gonna take these and jam them into the side. Remember, spiders have 8 legs. You wanna make sure you put 4 on each side, and I'm just gonna pop them in like right about there. So I've got all my 8 legs attached to the body of my spider. And now, I can actually create the bend that's gonna make the spider legs. So let's say I go about there, and I'm just gonna bend them in, and then bend the foot back like this so you've got a little leg. Aand then I'm gonna do the other side, so we've got our little legs folded. Ooh, it's so creepy. But now our little spider needs some eyes. So for the eyes, we've got these push pins, and you're just gonna look at your spider real well, and just pop in your eyes about where the spider's eyes should be. So I've got my 2 in like this. And then, to add a little bit more impact, I've actually got these red straight pins that I'm gonna put in in there too because the red eyes are especially creepy. So I've got my eyes done like that, ooh. And now, I'm going to go ahead and put a little hairy bum on him, which makes it even scarier. So for that, I've got this feather boa. You can get this at any fabric store. And what I'm gonna do is I've cut off a piece like this. So using my glue gun, I'm just gonna put a little bit of glue here on his body. Now with the glue gun, this is such a great tool to have, but you've really gotta be careful when you're using it because it can get real hot. You wanna make sure that the kids aren't really working on this part or you got it supervised. So you're gonna start in the center, and just kind of coil it around. Be really careful when you push it in because it's so hot. In fact, this glue is like sizzling. Okay, so you're gonna put it like this, and just push it around really gently. Just don't get your hands too jammed in there. Okay, perfect. And now, he's got a hairy back. Then, to be able to hang them up like this guy over here, what you're gonna do is you're gonna take a floral U-clip, and I'm going to just tie a little knot around my U-clip like this. You may wanna tie it double just to make sure it's gonna be extra secure. And you wanna give yourself enough of the length of it so you can tie it to just about anywhere. So don't skimp on the length so you can tie it somewhere up high. And then you're just gonna pop the U-clip into the back of the spider like this. You can hang `em from the staircase. You can hang `em down a wall. Whatever you decide to do with `em, this spider is gonna be a nice, creepy crawly edition to your Halloween.