Window Webs

Weave a web any spider would be proud of. Watch the video to see the steps, then fill windows or mirrors with the webs.

We're gonna create a window web that you can actually put right on your windows. This is how you get started. You get a piece of cardboard that's larger than the size of the window that you're gonna be putting it on, and what you wanna do is measure the inside of your window from the inside of the frame to the inside the frame. So basically just the glass part. And then you take your measurement and you draw your window template right onto your cardboard. So once you got it drawn on there, then you're gonna take some blanket binding. You can get this at any craft store, any fabric store, and what's so special about this is it's a large of piece of ribbon essentially that's folded right in the center, so it's got this little pocket to it. So you take your blanket binding and now with the frame that you've made for your window, you actually cut it to the right size and put your blanket binding right on the cardboard like I've done here. Once you got all 4 sides of your blanket binding on, and you got them pinned into place, you wanna use some fabric glue and you don't wanna glue it to the cardboard. You're just gluing the ribbon to one another. So then you've got your frame made like I have here, and using a little bit of masking tape to hold it down and some pins, you can use one or the other. The pins are fantastic. Then, you're creating spokes for your web. This is also out of a satin ribbon, black satin ribbon, and you cut it to the size that you want your spokes to be. You open up your blanket binding and you add a little bit of glue inside of the binding like this, and with the pin, you pin it down into the cardboard so that it dries really nicely and stays place. So now I'm gonna do the other side. I'm gonna put this one right about here, and I'm gonna put this one, let's see, right about there. And then, I've got my final spoke right here. So, I'm gonna place it somewhere right around here. Again, opening up your blanket binding, putting a little bit of glue. This takes a little while to dry, so you don't wanna do this project like right as soon as people are coming. You wanna plan this one ahead. But once you do, you can keep this in your garage or your basement for years. I've already started weaving the actual web part. I've cut a piece of cardboard, and I've woven the amount of yarn that I need already on the cardboard, so it's a lot easier to move around. You don't have to worry about getting glue on it or getting it stuck in your pins. Makes it much simpler. So what you do here is you just add a little bit of glue and again, you wanna make it a little imperfect. It's Halloween. It's fun. It's a spiderweb. So get some of them closer together. Put some of them further apart. There's no rules. That's what I love about this stuff. Okay, so we're just gonna pin it right here and keep on winding and you can just, you know, you can decide where you wanna stop this. There's no rules. You can go all the way to the center if you'd like. You kind of weave it like this. I think I'm gonna do maybe 3 more and then I'll cut it and finish it off. There you go. And so now I've got my spiderweb completed. How cool is that? Then once it's all dry, let's tick some of these down here. You take all your pins out and then you can take this and with double stick tape, we'll put it up on a window, put it up on mirrors. It's such a simple way to make a huge impact.