Twig-or-Treat Wreath

Take a simple twig wreath and then use creepy crawlies to give it some spooky personality. What a way to welcome Halloween!

You can really spook a fire front door with this quick and easy-to-make Halloween wreath. So the first thing you wanna start with is you wanna start with one of these twig wreaths. You can get this at any craft store. They're super cheap, and you can either leave it like this in the natural brown color, or I actually spray painted mine, and I used just a regular spray paint. When you use spray paint, you wanna make sure you've got latex gloves because when the paint gets on your hands, it's like impossible to get off. So you spray paint it. You can either do it completely like I did here to make an all-black wreath, or you can kinda spot it so it looks a little vintage and a little creepy. Once you've got your wreath painted, you can decorate it with all sorts of little creepy crawlies. I've got these tarantulas and this like creepy snake, and then I also bought this little bag of bugs here. They were super cheap, and you get a whole bag of them like a hundred. You can seem to decorate the whole house. So I'm gonna start off right now with my snake, and this is a great project for you to do with your kids `cause the kids can kind of lay out all the creepy crawlies and then you can finish it off with the glue gun. So once you've got your creatures placed in your wreath, you wanna just secure them with a glue gun. You just take a little couple of dabs behind like that. Just think this is so fun and easy. So you just secure them like this. Perfect. And then, I've got here, this is a little bit of a spiderweb material. It comes in the traditional way, or now, they even make really supercool glow-in-the-dark stuff. I'm gonna stick with the white for now, and you kinda peel off big chunks of it like this, and then you drape it around, and there's like no rules here. That's why I love this stuff. It's just whatever you like. And you just kind of wrap it around and make it as creepy as possible. So now it looks like a thousand spiders have been living in this thing forever. Cool. So now I've got it all laid out like so, and now, I can add my little bugs to it. So I'm gonna put my little tarantulas on there. Again, grab your glue gun, stick some glue behind it. However your kids laid it out, you can just slap them on there like that. I've got really cool little signage that I also got at the craft store. It's so fun. You can put trick or treat, or do not enter, whatever creepy thing you want your wreath to say. So once you've got it all laid out, you've got all your creatures on there, then you take some ribbon, and you can make a loop like this, and you just hot glue this to the back of that, and once that dries, you're ready to hook this up and put it right on your front door. Isn't that so cool? Ooh, it's so scary.