Boos Brother

Who says ghosts have to be scary? This funny fella lends a sense of humor to any Halloween decor, outdoors or in.

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Whip up this quick crazy character to welcome the Halloween season. This is such an easy project. What you wanna do is you wanna start out with a stake. We've got a garden stake here. It's got a sharp edge on 1 side to make it really easy to stick into the ground. You can get this at any garden store. You can get it at a home, you know, supply store, hardware store. So you start out with your stake. And then we're gonna take a wooden dowel. You're just gonna make a little crisscross kind of a shape like this, and then you're gonna take a piece of twine. It doesn't matter what color it is because it's gonna be covered. So we're using some green twine here, but whatever you've got around the house is great. And you're just gonna crisscross it, hold it into place, go around the back, and I think that's pretty good. So once you've got your crisscross nice and tight, you're going to really, really tug at it and make sure that you pull it as tight as you possibly can. And you're gonna make a knot. And now, it's time to stand them up, so we're just gonna go ahead and stand them up like that. We take a styrofoam ball. You can get this at any craft supply store. You wanna make sure you get a nice big one so it really looks like a head. So, you start out, and you make an actual hole in the styrofoam ball just to make it really easy to stick on to the stake. And I just used scissor to kinda hollow out a piece. And I'd say, maybe it's like 3 or 4 inches deep, the hole that I made. Make sure it's nice and deep so it sticks right on to the stake. So once I've got that all cleaned out, now it's time for me to stick it on my ghostly friend. Just stick it right on there nice and tight. So there he goes. And then, you take a sheet. You can use an old sheet that you may have. I actually bought this sheet for less than $5. Very, very inexpensive. Or if you've got a remnant in a fabric, whatever you may have lying around, that's fine too. Just open up your sheet, and just kind of drape it over your guy. So once you've got them all draped in your sheet, now it's time for the fun stuff. Now we get to give them some character. So I'm gonna make him, well, I'll let you guys see for yourselves. But I love the movie, The Blues Brothers, and so I'm gonna make him look like Jake Blues. So I've got a little bow tie for him. You can get this at any Halloween, you know, store. You can get it at a craft store. Sometimes, little costume shops and things like that will have bow ties like this. You don't have to use a bow tie. You could use a scarf. You could use a regular tie, whatever. Just let your creative juices get flowing. And then, I've got this terrific fedora that I got at a party store. So great! I embellished it with a little bit of ribbon to make it really festive and fun. And then, finally, the most important part, the attitude. The sunglasses. So what we're gonna do is we're just gonna stick them on like this. You're gonna have to kinda spread him a little wide. You don't wanna use something too precious since he's gonna be outside. These are just cheapo sunglasses I bought at a 99 cent store. And then to hold them on, you use these U-shaped flower clips. And again, it's styrofoam, so you're just gonna put it right through the sheet and put it on the side. And now, he's gonna make a boo-tiful addition to your Halloween party.