Scary Skulls

Try a twist on the traditional candied apple. A pear is perfect for creating sweet but scary skulls.

Forget candied apples. This Halloween, why don't you make some scary skulls? So, using pears instead of apples, I've rinsed them off, and we are going to dip these in white chocolate, which is even more delicious than an apple in candy. So, you wash up your pear, and then I've got some popsicle sticks that I'm just gonna jam at right end to where the stem of the pear would be. Got it. I kinda like that. And then, I've got some white chocolate here that I've softened. This is white baking chocolate, so I'm just gonna stir it a little bit, and I'm going to just drizzle it over my pear like so, and you just kinda drizzle it and spin at the same time just to kinda get like a real even coat, and then I'm just gonna hold it there for a little bit and jut get off all the excess. Let's make sure we got good coverage at the bottom. Now, I've got some flow from here, which is what I'm gonna use to stand it up in, and this is so great because you can stand this up and let them dry, and now, we're ready to decorate our scary skulls. So, I'm just gonna pull once of these right out of the floral foam, and I've got these custard dishes here. These are so perfect for laying down your pear. And you can put it down in there and then you can work on putting all the features on without worrying about it sliding off. So, we've got our black [unk], and these are so great to give it that real skeletal look like putting on thickened eye cavities and things like that, super creepy. So, to get these on, I'm gonna use the same white chocolate that I already heated up. So, I'm just gonna bring that over here, and I'm just gonna take, start with the eyes, and these little black [unk], I'm just gonna put a little bit of white chocolate on the back. Just put enough to make sure that you've got some to stick on, so I'm just gonna put it on like that, and then I'm just gonna stick it on to my skeleton. He's got 1 eye there. I'm gonna put another one on, and stick `em on over here. So, now, I've got my skeletal pear there all decorated, and I'm just setting `em back in the foam, and so, like I said before, the foam, it's got a couple different uses. It's really, really cool. So, what I did was, I cut a piece of the same foam that I'm using here, and I'm putting it inside of a little black container, and this is so cool to be able to serve it in. You can put this down, and everyone gets their own little skull in a little bag like this; so cool. So, I'm just gonna take this one, this little finished skull here, [unk], so creepy. I'm just gonna pop them in, and then, I've got this really, really cool colorful green jelly beans that I'm gonna use to fill up the inside of my container to give it even more of a candied effect. So, I got this one all filled in with my candy, and he's got his scary skull in there, and this is such a cool way to present a really, really fun and very scary dessert. [unk]