Halloween Tree

Spooky Halloween Tree

Here's a fun idea for a spooky halloween tree. Make one for your entryway or as a mantel decoration. Adjust the size to fit the scale of your bows and ornaments.

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A spooky Halloween always starts out with a creepy tree, and this certainly does fit the bill. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and as dramatic as this looks, it is super simple to put together for this Halloween season. Now, I wanna show you what I started out with, and that is just a simple urn from the craft store or maybe something that you have underneath your sink and some twigs from outside. Now, the two of these, you're gonna spray paint black, just like I've done here, and you're gonna add a little bit of Spanish moss to the bottom. Now, inside here, holding these twigs into place, you can use a couple of things--dirt from the garden. You could use sand or you could even use paper or Styrofoam, whatever it is. Then, you're gonna simply stick your twigs into that and secure them. You want them to kind of go every which way so they look natural. Let's talk about these gorgeous balls, because they look expensive, but they are not. First of all, I pulled out of my holiday closet these gorgeous gold and copper balls. That are beautiful everyday for the holiday season, but for Halloween, they bring in the colors, and they round everything out. Now, in your craft store, they sell plain balls of white, black, all sorts of colors. Now, pick those up, and here's how you're gonna embellish them. All these great stickers that the kids love. Super simple! All you do is take your little sticker off of here, just like this and be careful with that because they have beautiful, very fine cuts. They give you a gorgeous effect on your holiday balls. Now, I also picked up black ribbon, which is what I use as my hanger, and this goes right onto my tree. And you can put this on your mantle, maybe one on each side, three down the center of the table, or one as the focal piece on any coffee table or end table. Everybody will love this! I have one final trick for you, and that is these wonderful little plastic spiders. Everybody loves these around the holiday season. Let met tell you somethin'. If you hot glue the bottom of these, you can take and put this right on a pretty little gold or copper ball, and give it even more of a creepy effect. Everybody here at wants to wish you a very happy, haunted Halloween!