Ghostly Good Cookies

These ghostly goodies are the perfect solution when you need a last-minute treat. Watch how easy they are to whip up.

For a last-minute treat, make these cute cookie ghosts. This is such a great idea if you don't have enough time and you want something that's kind of homemade but still is super easy and quick to pull off, this is the treat. So you take some cookies. I've picked these because they have kind of a ghostly shape and are just perfect for a little candid ghost. And what I'm gonna do is I have some white chocolate that I've melted up. And I'm just gonna throw my cookie right into the chocolate. And just kinda flip it around a couple of times so you get it really well-coated. And then, this is the trick with this. You wanna pull it out. And you kinda tap it against the side of your bowl. And it will smooth out the surface of the chocolate, but then, it will also get any excess chocolate off your fork and off your ghost. So once I feel like that's pretty well done, then I'll just transfer it over to my wax paper. Now, it's time to make some ghostly faces for 'em. So I've got some tiny little chocolate chips, and you just pop 'em on, and you wanna do this while the chocolate on the cookie is still wet so that the chocolate chip really adheres. I'm just gonna put 1 on there, another 1 for his little ghostly eyes, and then, 1 more for his little ghostly nose. Oops! These are so super cute and add a little bit of ghostly fun to your Halloween.