The Mummy's Hand

Who couldn't use an extra hand around the holidays? Guests will scream -- with laughter -- when they spot this extra appendage.

[time=0:00:] Who couldn't use an extra hand around the holidays? This is such a cool project to make a mummy hand that you can have like as a centerpiece or put it around the room. This is so easy. It just takes little time so you wanna make sure that you don't do this project the last minute because it takes a while to dry. So what you wanna do is you wanna start out with a rubber glove. Make sure that these aren't very precious gloves, heirloom gloves or anything. You want to just make sure these are disposable `cause you're not gonna be able to use them again. So you take your glove and you get some newspapers. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna actually stuff the glove as if a hand were it. The tricky part of doing this is the fingers. The fingers are a little bit tough to stuff because they're just so thin and narrow. So what I did was I made sort of a little rolled-up tight little spirals like this of newspaper. And then you just push it right up in there. And once it's there, you can kind of shape it so it looks like very alive, which just adds to the creep factor of the entire project. So I've got my glove almost entirely full. I'm just gonna push the paper a little bit tighter in there like that. And I'm gonna ball up another piece just to fill up the bottom. I'm gonna ball it up nice and tight. Okay. So now, I've got my creepy mummy hand here. And the next thing that you need is you need a plastic cup. You know, these are like the souvenir cups you can get from just about anywhere. I'm sure you got a bunch of these lying around the house. I know I do. So you just put your glove right on the top. Make sure it's nice and tight fitting like that. So then, you need some starch. This is liquid starch. You just take a little bit of this. And you need a pail. And you're just gonna pour some of this in there. I'm just gonna fill up like maybe, like a quarter, maybe a half an inch of the bottom of the pail. We've got our gauze right here, and you're gonna dip it in and just kind of you don't wanna get it superwet `cause as the gauze gets really wet, it kinda scrunches up and becomes hard to use. So you just kinda wanna get it wet with your fingers and just kind of smear the starch all over like this. And I'm gonna do that to the other side. But you see how it starts to really scrunch together so you wanna limit the moisture on it, like kinda squeeging it off a little bit. And then, I'm gonna start with the fingers `cause these are the most delicate to start wrapping. And the way that I'll start my finger is I'll just kinda put the tip over like this and sort of soften it down like that. And then you just start wrapping. And you don't have to be too precise about this. This isn't, you know, a serious art project. This is really about having fun and doing something that's kind of creepy and unexpected. As you're wrapping, you just wanna keep spreading it out like this, so that you get the most amount of coverage for your gauze. I'm just gonna wind my way back up to the tip again. So once I'm down to the end, you don't have to worry. You just take your next piece of gauze. Do the same thing. Moisten it up. Make sure you take all the extra moisture off and just keep wrapping your way around until you got the entire thing covered like this. And this is already dry and like I said before, this is not a last-minute project. So you wanna make sure that you do this maybe a week in advance. But once it's dry, it's hard as a rock. It's like a cast. So you take it right off your cup. Just peel it off like this. And then, I'm gonna take a little bit of the stuffing out because I just kind of overstuffed this one, and I'll stick whatever stuffing is left right in there. And then using scissor, I'm just gonna cut around the glove, which is why you wanted to use a disposable glove `cause you're not getting it back. So I'm just gonna cut around. Try to cut as close to the gauze as possible so you don't really have any of the yellow gloves sticking out `cause you don't wanna give away your secret. There you go. So I've got it all cut out. I'm gonna go ahead and take out this stuff too because, see how hard it is? It's got a lot of body. Now your mummy hand is done. You can put this on a side table, by the phone, on your buffet table. This is severed hands down, my favorite project.