Boo-tiful Disguise

Change a chair into your favorite Halloween character. All it takes is a little fabric, felt, and imagination.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Transform your dining room chairs this Halloween with a cast of characters that you create. This is such an easy project. What you wanna do is you wanna start out with some fabric. You can either use a half a sheet. You can use remnant fabrics that are so cheap to get in a fabric store. And you take your dining room chair. You cover your chair with your fabric, and if it's a little too big, you cut it down a little bit, but you wanna make sure of, you wanna make sure that the chair is totally disguised under the fabrics. So there you go, we've got our chair covered. And what I've got here basically is a nice flat surface to put whatever face I want to, to give my chair a little character. So, I take the fabric off the chair, just keeping this flat so I know exactly where to put my face. And I've got this orange one laid out here. You can use any fabric you want. I chose orange for this one because I'm kind of doing a jack-o-lantern. And using felt, you can get this felt at any craft store; so cheap also. Draw on your face. You can do a jack-o-lantern. You could do a ghost. You could do a mummy. You could even do Elvis. You cut out the pieces of your face, and with some craft glue, you take a little bit of your fabric glue and put it on the back of here, like this. You don't need to use too much of this glue. In general, a little goes a long way. So just dab it in the corners, especially if you're triangular things, you don't want the corners to lift up. So you just wanna make sure you dab the corners. There we go. And then, you just take it, and you position it right where you want on your face. There we go. And now, you've got your disguise for your chair. So, we're gonna drape this over the chair. And this is just such a cute idea. I just couldn't imagine your dining room chairs all having their own personality, or even this is such a cute idea for a kid's Halloween party. If you happen to do musical chairs, but if you are going to do that, you should secure them so that they don't slide around and the way to do that, is take some ribbon, you could use matching ribbon or contrasting ribbon. Any kind of ribbon you may have lying around, and you just wanna tie it around here. And you could tie it a bow, in a knot, and just make sure you tie it nice and tight. And then, I would do like a nice little fork in the end `coz I just think that's a little bit more jack-o-lanterny. Like that. There you go. It's such a quick and easy way to add character to any chair.