Monster Mouths

Whip up a last-minute treat that has some real bite! These crunchy munchy Monster Mouths are fast, easy, and fun!

Be careful because these tasty treats might just bite you back. This is such a fun and easy treat to make for kids, and they will love it. I promise you. We start out with some apples, and you wanna cut them off into little quarters like this, and take out the core so you just have this clean little slivers. And then, with some peanut butter, try the creamy stuff 'cause the crunchy stuff is gonna have a little too much texture. So you just take some of the creamy peanut butter and just smear right on to your apple, and then, I'm gonna do the other side 'cause you're basically gonna do the upper and the bottom jaw of our monster mouth. So we've got our peanut butter on there. And now, I'm gonna use 2 different kinds of candy corns so I can have like upper teeth and bottom teeth. And I'm gonna take my candy corn and just kind of place some here on the mouth. And you can add as many or as few of them as you want. I'm just gonna add 3 here to the upper jaw. And I'm gonna set this down right here. And now, I'm gonna take the bottom jaw. And so that they fit together, I'm gonna add 2, but I'm gonna use the chocolatey ones. The top of the mouth is a little different from the bottom one. So I'm just gonna place these right about here 'cause I've got my-- oh, look at those fangs! Oh, so gross! So now, we're gonna put these 2 together, like that, and kinda sandwich them. And really, you know, other than the candy corn, this is a pretty healthy treat.