Creepy Candy Cover-Ups

"Delight your trick-or-treaters with these special disguises."

Don't these devilish eyes dare you to look inside? Why hand out ordinary candy when you can turn up the terror with these? So here's a great way to disguise your chocolate bars this Halloween. So what you wanna do is you wanna get some scrapbooking paper or something like a card stack that's got a little substance to it. I love scrapbooking paper because it's got the 2 sides so it's twice the fun. And then you're gonna download your scary eyes templates from I've already traced my eyes onto my scrapbook paper here, and then using an X-Acto knife, I'm just gonna start cutting out my eyes. So you're gonna wanna do this pretty carefully because some of the designs are kinda intricate and you don't wanna lose any of the spooky detail. And you also wanna consider cutting on a mat like this so you don't sacrifice any furniture. I'm just gonna pop out the pieces that I've cut. This one right here is just about ready to go. And you can kinda see where we're going with this. You're just gonna cut out all of the pieces of your template that you've drawn on or the scary eyes you've drawn yourself. And then, you should have something like this all cut out. But you'll notice what I did here is that I actually scored my edges so that it folded nice and straight. So you're just gonna kinda score it like this so that it makes a nice straight fold like that. So I've scored my little sleeve and you can see that if I were to put a candy bar inside of here, your trick-or-treaters would know exactly what you were giving then. And we wanna avoid that. So you need a little liner, and for this I used scrapbooking paper as well. I cut it 2-3/4 inches x 6 inches and it fits right inside of my candy bar sleeve. So I'm just gonna put a candy bar in here like that. And then with my trusty hot glue gun, I'm just gonna put a little bit of hot glue right along this edge and then fold it over like that. If you want to glue down your eyes so that they lay flat like that, you can but you know what, I kinda like `em 3 dimensional like that. So I'm gonna leave `em. And then I've got some really cool rhinestone eyes here that are gonna add a ton of character to my scary eyes. So I'm gonna take a little bit of glue from my hot glue gun, and I'm just gonna glue my pupils down right there like that. Just gonna add a little bit of glue to the back of this guy and stick his other eye on like that. So this is a great classroom project or if you wanna make Halloween a little more fun for your trick-or-treaters.