No-Carve Notions Pumpkin

Grab your sewing basket and turn your unused notions into a pumpkin that's "sew silly."

For a fun twist on a traditional pumpkin, try this! This quick idea lets you give a pumpkin all kinds of personality without ever making a single cut. Now first, what you wanna do is you wanna go around the house and find some objects that you might have around on hand. And actually, I went ahead and I raided my sewing basket. And so, I've got some spools of thread, a bobbin, some buttons, some tape measures, zippers, all kinds of fun stuff. And what I'm gonna do is start embellishing my pumpkin. And what I've done is I've taken some pinking shears, and I cut out a triangle to start the base of my eye. And so I've hot glued that into place. And now for the rest of the eye, I'm gonna take a spool of black thread, and I'm just going to hot glue it into place on top of my fabrics. Now, the spool of thread is a little bit heavy, so you wanna make sure you keep it in place to make sure the hot glue holds. And what you'll notice in front is I've taken a yellow button, and I've hot glued that into place to make the eyeball. So that's kind of fun. And also for the eyebrows, I took some black snaps, and I just glued those in place also. Now, I think my eyes are in place, and what I've done here is I've taken an empty spool of thread, and I've hot glued that down for the nose. And then, I put a little thimble on top just to give it some extra dimension. Alright, so now, this is where the really fun idea comes into place. I've taken a 7-inch black, zipper and what you wanna first do is unzip it. And then get some hot glue out, and you're gonna make the mouth. And what you wanna do is give it a good dose of hot glue and position it where you want your mouth to be, and I'm gonna put it right here. And this is also a heavier object, so you might wanna hold it in place just a little bit longer than usual just to make sure it's gonna stick. I think that's good. And now, I'll take the top lip of my mouth, which is the black zipper, and hot glue that into place over here. And go ahead and let it kinda drape down. And then depending on how happy you want your pumpkin to be, that's where you'll position the bottom lip. And just put it in place like that. And there you go! No fuss. No mess. It's really a lot of fun. And you know, if you have kids, you could send them on a scavenger hunt around the house to find all kinds of unusual items to decorate your pumpkin with. And you know what? I found this old hat, and so I'm gonna put it on top to finish off my pumpkin. You'll have so much fun. You'll never wanna carve a pumpkin again.