Sticker Pumpkin

No-Carve Sticker Pumpkin

No time to carve a pumpkin? Try this! Simple black stickers on a white pumpkin send a very contemporary message.

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No time to carve a pumpkin for Halloween? Well, try this! Pumpkin carving can be a lot of fun. But you know, sometimes, you still wanna have to carve the pumpkin or you still wanna have to clean up the mess, well, I've got a spectacular idea to decorate a pumpkin that will really make a statement. I'm using 3 white pumpkins, and I've chosen to use some black letters to kinda go with a clean contemporary look. And if you can't find white pumpkins in your area, don't panic because I couldn't find them either. And so what I've done is I spray painted them white, and it makes a nice clean look. So what I'm gonna do is show you. All you have to do is take some spray paint and stand about quite about 8-10 inches away, and you're just gonna spray the orange pumpkin white. And just give it a nice heavy even coat like this. I wanna have and I took some black acrylic paint, and I just touched off the stem to make it look like it's really nice and finished. Now, I've got a couple of pumpkins already started. And since I'm creating words on each pumpkin, it's kinda fun that they have the letters a little jumbled and use maybe different fonts and different sizes just to make it look a little fun. I'm going to find my next letter. Actually, a little tip I have for you is to use some hot glue to make sure that the sticker stays in place. Put it right here on my pumpkin. And then I'm gonna take another font for my next letter. Now, if you're doing this project with kids, just make sure that the adult will be handling the hot-glue gun. And now, you can mix and match phrases, and invite your little trick or treaters to come right in.