Chicken 'Fingers'

Turn ordinary chicken fingers into creepy claws for a truly finger-lickin' treat!

Talked about finger food? This is a fun take on everyone's favorite chicken fingers. So to start, I've got my chicken breast, and I've cut it up in a little bit thinner slices than you would in normal chicken finger. And I also cut some irregular pieces, so it really looks like real fingers. So I just took these. I dredge them in a little flour, salt, and pepper, and I just fried them up and I've got them right here. I've got a little bowl of paprika here, and this is gonna be so great for giving it that real kind of fingernails sort of look. So it looks like little bony fingers with red fingernails. So I'm just gonna dip my chicken fingers right into it. And you just wanna get that real tip of the finger, and you wanna kinda pick the real pointy sides so they look like real fingers, and everyone loves them. Then once you've got all fingers all covered up with your paprika, all the tips of them, now, it's time for a little dipping sauce. And here, I made a little bit of a special sauce. It's basically a Marinara sauce. You can make your own or if you just wanna use something from the can or from the jar, that's absolutely fine. So I'm just gonna take some of my sauce, then I'm gonna arrange my little fingers in the form of a hand. Oh, it's so creepy. And there we go. We've got a creepy chicken finger hand and delicious dipping sauce. Your guests are gonna think this is finger-dipping good.