Wicked Witch's Hat

You don't need a wand to transform a popcorn and marshmallow mix into a wildly witchy treat. Watch and see just how easy it is!

Here's a witchy spin on plain popcorn. I've got some plain popcorn here that I bought. I didn't even pop it myself, and I'm gonna add in a marshmallow cream sauce to it. That's gonna give it a little sugary coating, and I'm gonna make the coolest witch's hat. So for my marshmallow cream sauce, this is actually a combination of sugar, corn syrup, marshmallow cream, vanilla, and butter. And you just mix it all together, and I added some green food coloring. And I'm gonna actually just pour it over my popcorn. You can see I've got the purple one already done. So we're gonna do a really cool witch's hat with the purple and the green. It's gonna be so colorful and so fun. Put some gloves on. And this is a great way to keep your hands clean while you're mixing the stuff together `cause it can get really, really sloppy. So I've got my gloves. And now I've got some butter that's room temperature, and I'm just gonna rub it all over my gloves so that my popcorn doesn't stick to it. And now, I'm just gonna mix it all together. And I just wanna make sure that my popcorn gets nice and evenly coated. So we're just gonna rub it in there. I've got a 12-inch greased pan, and I actually put on some aluminum foil and greased it, which just makes it even easier to clean up after. And I'm just gonna press it right into the pan, like this, to make the brim of my witch's hat. And you really wanna make sure that you use, you really work the popcorn when it's warm because then it's really malleable. If you let it get too cold, it's not really so easy to work. Now, I'm gonna make the cone of my hat, but I need to grab some wax paper first. So I'm gonna grab some from over here. Just kinda smooth this out, and I'm gonna take my purple popcorn and just create a little base first. Let's actually do that for my cone. And then I'm just gonna build from there. Let's make it a little bit bigger so we've got a pretty big brim. So we wanna make sure our hat is pretty substantial. This doesn't have to look perfect. You're just, you know, building it as you go. And when you give it some bumps and some irregularities, it makes it more fun and a little bit more witchy. So if your popcorn, you find that it's cooling too fast and its not sticking real well, you can always just pop it in the microwave and it'll heat up and then it'll get real sticky again. So once you've got your cone formed, you can transfer it right over to the brim of the hat. I'm just gonna transfer it over like that and kinda squish it in. And now, we can do all of our fun decorations on the cone of the hat, which is the best part. And just pop those right into the hat. So now to create a little ribbon around the brim of the hat, I'm gonna use some fruit leather, but I'm just gonna drape this loosely around my creepy witch's hat, and maybe I'll just leave a little tail over here on this side. This is such a fun and really, really witchy way to serve up some popcorn.