Etched Pumpkins

Pumpkins and gourds make great fall decorations. Better shows you how to create a little art of your own.

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Pumpkins and gourds make great fall decorations or even vases so create a little lard of your own. Here's Suzette Rios with the easy how to. Carve out a little time for these quick and creative pumpkin projects. You know, when you think fall you typically think orange pumpkins and gourds, but these ideas are anything but typical. This project is all about etching. Super duper easy. What you need is you need to start out with a nice orange pumpkin just like this 1, and then you're gonna use a little bit of painters tape or masking tape and just tape off the stems like I'm doing right here. I'm just gonna cover that up. Then once you got your stem covered up with your tape, you're just gonna hit it with a little bit of black flat spray paint. Take it outside and do it inside as the fumes are crazy. So once you've got it painted, you'll have Something sort of like this, and using a regular piece of white chalk, you're gonna draw your design on it. So I've just started drawing kind of a geometric 1 here, and then to actually etch the pumpkin, you use these woodworking tools. So while you're etching, you'll notice that if you just kind of etch on the surface, you'll get a lot of that 1 of the skin of the pumpkin, but if you dig down a little bit deeper, you'll see that paler yellow of the actual flesh of the pumpkin so you can go either way, you know, dig down deeper in some or just leave it on the surface to get that orange color. So, you can also do you some stripes. This is a great idea and it's super easy. What you do is use your same woodworking tools, and you're going to just kind of make gouges along the natural ridges of the pumpkin. And you can make some of these wire and some of these shear, so you've got some variation in new stripes to add some character. So I've got a finished striped 1 right here. I took out the top, and I actually hollowed out the inside like you would a regular jack-o-lantern, but I added a little vase inside, and I filled it with water so, you know, find the right-sized vase for the pumpkin that you're using and just slide it in there, and then, look at this. You can use your pumpkin as a vase. How cool is that? So you can see you can create stripes, you can create interesting geometric patterns, and you could do any design you want like this really cool sunflower. You could do your initials, your names. With the same technique, you can create so many different looks. It's beautiful. For more seasonal ideas or to watch this 1 again, log on to our website, You'll find holiday craft decorating and recipes.