Pumpkin Tower

What’s it take to make this dramatic display? A couple of clever carving tricks, and a sturdy pole.

Want a dramatic way to welcome Halloween? Well why not try one of these towering totems of cool carved pumpkin. Now this might look a little intimidating but it's actually really simple. And I'll show you just how simple by taking it apart. So I'm gonna take out my witch's head here. And then you can see that I've actually driven a post into the ground and wrapped some Christmas lights around it. So you wanna make sure you've got a power source because you want your totem to be really well illuminated. And then underneath I've actually got 4 different pumpkins. Now the most important one though is this bottom one because it's gotta be nice and strong to hold up the rest of them. You wanna make sure you pick a nice big one but you also want to not carve it too much so it's got some structural integrity. Then on top of that I painted this one black and this and that. Then I've got my stripe stockings on my witch, and then her mid section and then of course, the head like that. Ooooh, and she's so creepy with her warty face! And then you can add accessories like this cool witch's hat. And of course no witch is complete without her broom. But if you don't have space for a big totem like this, you can make a table top version like this. No post required! You just stack 2 pumpkins on top of each other and carve each one with a different design, you know, something that kinda coordinates, and stick that right on your table top. You know, all it needs is a little bit of planning and you can have a lot of fun with your towers of terror.