Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

Shortcut your way to intricate cutout designs with sturdy cookie cutters.

Get glowing! All you need is a cookie cutter. So to start I've got my Halloween themed cookie cutters right here. And I've already cut out a ghost, but I'm gonna add a little creepy bat to my ghost. So I'm gonna take my cookie cutter and just kinda place it where I want it. Now when you're doing this you wanna remember that the cookie cutters that you're using might get a little damaged so you don't wanna use your grandma's antique one. So I'm gonna just pound it with a mallet like this. I needed to kinda have to pound it pretty hard to get it in there. So you're just gonna whack it pretty hard like this. And if you find that the breast of your pumpkin is a little thick, you can actually use one of these little tools. It's a scraper used in sculpture and you're just gonna kinda scrape the back just sort of thin it out a little bit to make it easier for your cookie cutter to go all the way through. So I'm just gonna hammer it out and just push it through like that. So, I've it shaped kinda like this. That's the shape of my bat that I've cut out. And I can either leave it open like I left my ghost or you can take the plugs that are left over once you take it out your cookie cutter and paint them with like a white paint like I painted this one. And then you can toss it right back in to the hole for kind of a cool two-toned look. And you can use all sorts of shape. You can use leaves, you can use the ghost and the bat, or any kind of other ghostly creepy shapes you have, any way you cut it. This is a very cute idea for Halloween.