Etch a Pumpkin

Learn an easy alternative to carving that lets you create lots of intricate designs.

Sketch then etch your way to a whole bunch of beautiful designs. Here are the tools you're gonna need for this. You're gonna need some of these wood working tools. These are great because you can buy them in a kit for less than $5 at any craft store. And you may need one of these, this is called a clay loop. Again you can get it at any craft store. It's mostly used for used for sculpture. So you're just gonna draw on your design here. I've got a little Jack-O-Lantern face done. I'm using my scraper. I'm just gonna kinda carve around the outside like this, just right around the periphery of my design. And you can see that while you're carving you're just kinda taking that first layer off of you pumpkin to reveal the lighter colored pulp underneath which gives it a real cool two-toned look. And if you go out of the lines a bit, no big deal. You just kind of modify your design a little bit to deal with the error. And then you just carve out your center. And actually in this set of wood carving tools, there's all sorts of different thicknesses of scrapers for you to get some really fine lines with a thinner scraper. And you do the same thing with the mouth, just kinda trace it around like that. You know, this is just such a really cool look and it's a lot different than your traditional Jack-O-Lantern. And you can do all sorts of really cool designs. Here, I actually etched out a spider and then painted inside so that the spider was black in contrast to the rest of the pumpkin. Or you can use etching and cutting and actually cut out a design and then etch around it like this spider and its web. This I think is so beautiful. It's a great idea for fall, not super Halloweeney. You can actually put some leaves on it and scrape out some beautiful little vines and then paint inside so you've got kind of a two-toned effect. And here I've got a little space alien on here, again, using etching. Here I've got a little haunted house. I painted the pumpkin black but left the setting sun or maybe the rising moon a little orange. So you've got a lot of different colors there. This is a great technique to have in your bag of tricks this season.