Devil Drink Skewer

Pepper your Halloween party with these devilishly fun skewers! A couple of cuts, and they’re ready to ride high on a drink.

Looking for a devilish addition to a drink? Invite on of these guys to your Halloween party! Ooooh! Spooky! So to make your little devils, all you need is you need to start out with a red pepper, of course red. Green color really wont capture the illusion. And the bottom here this kind of scallop tart is the perfect part to use for our little devils. So I've got one here cut out. You actually just cut a piece like this and then kinda cut your head like so. And this little part is just gonna perfect to skewer through. So once you've cut your little faces out you've got kind of a triangular teardrop shape, and the pointy part is gonna be your chin. So you need a nice sharp nice and you're just gonna kinda start carving. I'm gonna do some little horns up here. Kind of a pearing knife is perfect for this thing. And then they go cross like that. And peel off the top so you can see I've got my horns all craved up. Now I'm gonna do some eyes. And then I'll do some sort of an angle like that. Peel that out and do the next one. And you can really have fun with this. Some of these you can make with horns, some of them you can 'em without. You know, just kinda go crazy. Nose. And you're gonna use all of the pumpkin carving skills you've acquired this season to carve your little pepper heads. And there we go, there's our little guy. Wa ha ha ha ha! Looks so creepy! So, what you're gonna do is you're gonna grab a skewer like this and you're gonna skewer on some cherry tomatoes like that. Do like 3 of them. Perfect! And then you're gonna skewer on our little devil. Oooooooh! So then you're gonna grab a glass like this. Maybe we could use a little bit of celery and put one of your little devils right in there, and you're ready to go! And then if you have some Bloody Mary mix, perfect addition. Just pour that right in there, and there you go! That is one hot finish to a cool drink!