Drink Skewer

Pumpkin Drink Skewer

Light up your Halloween party with these clever little jack o’lantern skewers carved from clementines.

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Grinning or gruesome. Take your pick with this simple skewer idea. It's a clever little detail, but your guests are sure to get a kick out of it. So to make our little jack-o'-tines here, we're gonna need some clementines, and what you do is you just kind of take a sharp knife and cut your clementine right in half like that. So 1/2, you're gonna peel like you normally would an orange with your hands. Just 'cause you want a perfect half of a clementine nice and intact with all of the little skin that it comes with like that. So I'm gonna put that to the side, and this, you can just toss away. Then the other half, what you're gonna do is you're going to want to preserve the entire peel. So you're just gonna peel off part of it, and then you're gonna peel of the rest like that, so you've got a skin that's intact like that. So now that you've got your 2 halves here and you've got your clementines nicely peeled with all of the little white skin on there, now you're gonna put your pumpkin carving skills to the test, and just make little gruesome little jack-o'-lantern faces. You can cut it into whatever you want. As for the mouth, maybe I'll just do a smile like this. Maybe this guy is kind of a friendly guy. And then just pop out the mouth. There you've got your little jack-o'-tine nicely cut out. Okay. So now, for the little halves of the clementine that you've carefully peeled out, I'm using a little bit of red food coloring. Just gonna pour a little bit in a bowl and then using the regular, you know, artist paint brush, I'm just gonna pinch the outside of my clementine kind of like that, and this is so that you can really see through the skin of the clementine into the inside, so that the eyes and the mouths really pop. Okay. So I've got that pretty well painted. So I'm gonna pop it right back into the skin and look at that. And there you go. This guy is sure to light up your guests.