Bloodshot Eyeballs

Jeepers Creepers, what’s up with these peepers? Find out what’s under those bloodshot eyeballs.

What you got there? You better look out 'cause everyone's gonna want one of these eyeball suckers at your Halloween party. Look out. All of the kids are gonna want one of these spooky eyeball suckers and you can give them one because they are so simple to make. For a standard-sized sucker, you'll need 2 to 3 layers of white tissue paper so you don't see the wrapper. I just used a bowl out of my cupboard to trace this 6-inch circle. You can actually cut about 15 layers at a time so you're making these in bulk. I'd really suggest doing that. It's a real time-saver. Cover the sucker with a couple of layers of the tissue and twist it nice and tight around the neck. To make these really spooky, you can add some bloodshot lines if you'd like. I used a very fine paint brush or some poppy red paint. Stick this sucker into some floral foam and let the paint dry. For an iris for the eyeball, you can use this 3 quarter-inch hole punch. That's a total time-saver versus trying to cut them all out individually and you can actually get the kids to help you out with this, too. Use a smaller hole punch to create little pupils out of the black card stock and then glue that to the iris. Then tie on some ribbon in a bow or wrap the whole thing in red if you'd like to continue the bloodshot theme. This is a perfect project to do with the class since it's so easy to cut the supplies in bulk, and there is all kinds of fun ways to display this so kids can just pull one out for themselves. Want more ideas like this? Click on 100 Days of Holidays