Great Grapes

Who’d believe a bunch of balloons could look so ‘grape’? This fun costume is inexpensive, easy and fast.

It will be a task to keep from giving your cutie a big squeeze when they're all dressed up like a bunch of grapes. This outfit couldn't be easier. Basically, all you need is between 30 to 40 purple balloons. If you want to do green grapes, of course, you can use the green one. So if you're filling up a bunch of balloons, here's a great tip. For less than 5 dollars, you can get one of these pumps. Makes it so much easier. So you put your balloon right on the end like this and hold it tight, and just kind of pump the pump. You could put larger grapes at the top and fill up some balloons to be bigger and do the smaller ones at the bottom, you know, however details you want to get. And then you're just gonna make your knot, and then with some safety pins, you're gonna safety pin to each knot of your balloons like this. And since you're gonna be pinning these, I personally wanted to fill all of mine up first before I started working on the costume. That way, you know, you've got them all prepared and you're not having to wait to tie it and to fill, and it all works out great. So now what we need is we need a kid to build this costume on. Look at this. We have a kid. This is Madeline. She is going to be my lovely assistant. Are you comfortable? Yes. You're doing great? Yeah. And see? She's all dressed up in a little purple sweatsuit, purple top, and purple bottoms. That's perfect for a bunch of grapes. Now I am gonna need you to do me a little favor. I need you to hold onto these really nice and there you go. Okay. You got that? So now we're gonna start pinning on our balloons onto the sweatshirt. Okay. I'm not gonna ink you. So here we go. I'm gonna start here. Okay. Please don't pull. I won't. Just we're gonna attach, pin one on like this. There we go. So you get the idea. You're gonna start. You're gonna build and put more and more balloons on a lovely Madeline over here, who is such a trooper. And you're looking so grapy. Okay. Now I need one of those. Just one. Thank you very much. These are the pipe cleaners that I am gonna use to make the little vines, and so what we're gonna do is we're going to twist. You can do one for me. Okay. You go like this. You're gonna twist it around your finger like that. Okay. So once we've got our vines made, we are going to actually attach them to a little purple hat like this. These are just some leaves that I got at the craft store. Again, with safety pins, safety pinning onto everything, and we've got the little top of our grape. Do you want to try this on? Yes. Okay. Oh, my gosh. How cute of her. You look so cute. Trick or treat.