’s the Word

Mummy’s the Word

Wrap up your search for the perfect costume, this easy and inexpensive idea is just right for kids or adults.

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Wrap up the search for your kid's costume 'cause this one is extinct. I've got my pal, Hayden, over here. How you doing? Good. And so we are going to make him into a mummy and what we need is we first need a white sheet, and we need him to be dressed up in this fantastic white suit here. So now to cut our strips, I'm gonna start by making a cut and you tear. Yeah. Just like that. So we want to get the nice little frayed edges 'cause they're very spooky, mummy-like. So here we've got a whole clean sided sheet worth of bandages. So I'm just gonna grab one and since he's wearing his white long johns, you can be kind of forgiving about how you wrap it. So I'm gonna tuck it in here like so, and then I'm gonna start wrapping it around. Look at this. You lift it up so that it makes it easier for me. Thank you so much, Hayden. So once you run out, you're just gonna grab another one and tuck it right under, and then go over it with the wrap. And you want to make sure that you wrap the top separate from the bottom, so that your kid isn't totally confined. Makes it a lot more comfortable. So you can also, if you're nervous about it, you can safety pin so that your bandages don't fall off. So I'm just gonna safety pin one right here. Don't worry. I won't stick you. Right in there. And I used to just have fun with this. This isn't, you know, just use as many bandages as you want or as little. It's really your call. And so for the pants, what you're gonna do is do the same thing. You're just gonna start pinning instead at the waist band and then work your down each leg. So now that we've got his chest done, now it's time for the head 'cause no mummy is complete without some sort of creepy head bandage, right? Right? Uh-huh. Okay. Cool. Okay. So we're gonna do a little bit of the neck here to cover up the skin. If you wanted to, you could always add some face paint, but for the finishing touch to this gruesome getup, tie some strips together and drape them over the mummy so it looks like he just came crawling out of the crimp. Trick or treat, sweetie. Trick or treat. Why couldn't the mummy go on a vacation? I don't know. Why? Because he was scared to relax and unwind. I love it.