Flower Power

Pick this adorable costume idea for a little girl, they’re sure to dig being their favorite flower.

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Pick this adorable flowerpot costume for your favorite little girl. It's clever and it's super easy to make. We start with a plastic terra-cotta style pot. They come in with tiny different sizes. Just make sure you pick the size that will fit your kid because they're actually gonna step through it. So you wanna make sure the bottom has enough space. So this one is a little too small. This one is just perfect. So what you're gonna do is flip it over. Using a utility knife, you're gonna cut out the bottom of the pot. So, you're going to add some grass 'cause every flower pot needs a little bit of grass skirting out of it. And what you need for that is you need some good old pom-poms. You can get this so inexpensively at a party store or any sort of toy store. You're gonna take the handle off and once you do, you've got these long strands of green goodness. And what you're gonna do with that is you're just gonna put a little bit of hot glue inside of your pot, just kind of on the inside rim like this, just sort of run around and do it. And then you're gonna take your greenery and just glue it inside to the hot glue. Once we're done with our grass, we've given in a haircut. Now, we're going to make some notches and I've got 2 that I've already made here. And these notches are actually going to be how we're going to suspend our flower pot. So you can either use suspenders like this and my holes that I have actually made, I've got some here too, are just the right size for the suspenders; so, you snap them on like that. So---- on the other one. And that holds to that really good. So now, it's time to make the flower. And so for that, we need foam core. Just regular old foam core is fine. We need some construction paper and some SprayMount. We don't need to put too much. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I'm gonna put it like that, and then I'm gonna do an inner circle of smaller petals too. Perfect. So we've got our flower petals done. That's about all we need. Now, I'm gonna take my utility knife or my X-Acto blade and cut out my flower. So, once you got your flower cut out, it will look something like this. But what we need to do is we need to make a hole in the flower so that our kid's head can fit right in the middle of that. That you can see I used a little thin ribbon and I went all the way around the outside of the flower, and now I'm just gonna finish out doing the inside here, just some hot glue. Just went it along inside and then just pushed it right in to create a nice little border around the inside. And then to actually hold our flower on our heads, you're going to use a little headband and some pipe cleaners. So basically, what you're gonna do is you're going to make 2 holes, wrap 3 pipe cleaners around my headband like this. Then, you're gonna set it inside of your flower and just tuck your pipe cleaner all the way through like this. And then on the back, we're just gonna do the same thing, tighten it up and then twist it like this. So there you go, and now you're ready to play your little flower and her pot.