Beautiful Butterfly

Transform your child into a beautiful butterfly with these easy-to-make wings, and she’ll flit, float and fly this Halloween!

Turn your little sweetheart into a beautiful butterfly this Halloween and this is such an easy one to make. What you want to do is you want to start out with some corrugated plastic. You can get this at any craft store or if you can't find the corrugated plastic, you can always use foam core like this. So basically, what I did was I set up my butterfly wing design on a piece of craft paper, and then I folded it in half, so I did one wing, folded it in half, and then did the other one so both of the wings match. So you get your wing design. You're gonna trace it onto your corrugated plastic like this, and then using a utility knife. You're gonna carefully cut around. Kind of cut through with a little sawing motion. There we go. So I've got my wings cut out. So I'm gonna put that to the side. And now, what I've got to do is I've got to make some holes. We've got to find a way for the wings to actually fit. So I've got my mark, and then using a Philip's head screwdriver, I'm just kind of poke through to the other side. There we go. Got one. And then to make the actual little arm bands, I'm gonna use elastic. You can get this at any craft store again. And I'm gonna pop this through. Just kind of twist it to get it through. Got it on that side. And then I'm gonna do it on the other side. If you make it, fold it in half like this so it kind of gets sturdier, so it's easier to pop through. Got that one. I'm just gonna tie it on the back. That should leave enough for arms. And just tie it in a know on the back like this. And, you know, you can leave these. I like leaving them a little bit longer because, then, you can adjust them to the size of your kid when they put it on. So I've got one there and I'm gonna do the other one right here. So I've got my arm strap. And now, it's time to decorate it, and for this part, you know, the sky is the limit. You could do whatever you want. I've got a finished one here and, basically, what I did was I did some tool along the edges, added some flowers, some pom poms, all the stuff you can get at a craft store. So I'm gonna start out with some little pom poms here. These are so fun and fuzzy. I love these. And these, you can just, using some hot glue, you can just decide where you want them, and just kind of hot glue them. So you kind of get the idea. You can go on with this forever, adding stuff. Now you need to make some antenna 'cause every insect, flying insect needs an antenna, right? So you're gonna start out with a headband, store bought. You can use any color you want. Something that works with the wings maybe. And then using some chenille pipe cleaners, you're actually just gonna twist it around like that to make your antenna. And I glued some tool onto the top end, some more pom poms to make them look really insecty. Pair the wings with a brightly colored pair of sweats or a cute stripey dress, and your little butterfly is ready to flit away for trick or treat. Trick or treat.