Ding-Dong Delivery

This costume delivers big laughs and it’s super simple to make.

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This costume really delivers and it won't take a ferocious flight out of your budget. So what you need to do is decide what delivery company you're gonna be working for this Halloween. So I'm gonna start out with a brown shirt, some brown shirts, work boots, and some brown socks, and of course, the brown cap. You get where I'm going with this? Okay. So that's the company you're working for, but you're gonna make your own tag to make it, you know, whatever company name you want like mine is Express. So I'm gonna cut out. I just printed these up on my computer and I'm gonna just cut these out here with a little X-Acto knife. Just be careful when you're using X-Acto knife. It can be super sharp. I've got a little straight edge here. So I'm just gonna cut around. And the great thing is once you've got these all printed up and cut out, you can use them anywhere you want on the costume. You can use them on the shirt. You can use them on the pants, on the hat, of course. So I've got one here that I've already cut out that's perfect for the hat, so I'm gonna glue it on. I'm just gonna use a hot glue gun and just kind of put a little bit of glue on it like this, spread it around, and then you're just gonna glue it on like so. And there you've got your hat for your delivery company. How about that? So this is a nice little addition and if you have a small little dog like I do. I have a little chihuahua mix. You'll know exactly where I'm going with it. Start out with some stuffed dogs like little Molly and Lynn over here. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm either going to pin the dogs onto the actual shorts or the shirt, or this is a really clever idea. Get some of these headbands. These are elastic headbands and cut them in half or just use elastic if you happen to have bowls of elastic around. And with safety pins, you're just gonna pin it on right onto the dog's paws and then look at this. Just put the dog right on and look at this ferocious dog. So you put that on, you get a package, and your brown outfit, and you're ready to go. Speedy delivery. Get more holiday ideas by clicking on 100 Days of Holidays.