Paper Doll

You’ll be a living doll with this clever costume idea. Check out the adorable details and accessories too!

This adorable paper doll costume is a cut above the rest, and all it needs is a few very simple supplies. So what you wanna do first is determine what the look of your dress is gonna be like and the length. So here's a finished one right here, and you can see I went for a very modest length. Of course, you can go a little riskee if you want to. I've actually drawn my pattern onto some craft paper. But it's important to make sure that you've included tabs on your dress 'cause then it'll really look like a paper doll. You can do 2 tabs at the top, you can add some tabs at the bottom, whatever you feel like. So I've got it written on my craft paper here and I've got my craft paper over foam core. I just taped it right on to some foam core. This is special foam core though because it's got this adhesive sticky back to it like this. So you just peel it off and it's ready to go, so it makes it very easy to work with. So I've got my adhesive side actually underneath and I'm just gonna use an Exacto blade and cut out my dress pattern. Okay. So I've got my whole dress cut out, ready to go. So now I'm gonna flip it over. And what I'm actually gonna do is, 'cause I'm gonna do a little empire waist, I'm just gonna cut through the adhesive ware so that I can do 2 different patterns: one at the bottom of the dress and one at the top. So now comes the fun part. It's time to decorate your dress. And you know, you can do whatever you want. This is just gift wrapping paper. You can use whatever you happen to have left over. So what you're gonna do is you're going to actually peel the adhesive liner off and start smoothing the paper over it. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna do that sort of backwards and forwards motion to make sure you get every air bubble out. Perfect! And then I'm gonna cut around afterwards to make sure I get all my little details. So I'm ready to put the top of my dress on with my other wrapping paper. But before I do that I just wanna do the same thing I did over here to the empire waist to kinda score the tabs because I'm actually gonna put white paper on the tabs so that they look like real paper doll tabs. And then I'm going to peel back my adhesive. And then with my other paper, just kind of line it up to make sure you've got enough. I've already cut this one to the approximate size. So I'm just gonna peel this off and do the same thing. It's kinda sleep as you peel so that it ends up being nice and smooth. And then I'm going to, 'cause now I'm gonna kinda cut around the shape of the dress so that I've got it all ready to go and cut out. So I've got my dress pretty much 90 percent there but now how are you gonna wear the dress? Well here's how you do it. You start out with these little clips. You can get these at any hardware store. And they come with some stubble sticks. Okay. For the back of 'em, so you're gonna stick these on to the back of the dress like this, one and two. And then with a little bit of ribbon, you're just gonna tie some ribbon around. You give yourself enough space to stick your head through, and there you go. You got your dress. Hop on some tights, a t-shirt and some shorts, hey, maybe even some bloomers, and then your dress. And with a little blush, some cute freckles, you're a living doll.