Time to Make the Donut!

This delicious idea won’t cost you a single calorie, or take a bite out of your budget. Use simple supplies to make this donut costume.

It's time to make the donuts and you won't believe how easy this costume is to make. So what you wanna do is you wanna start out with an inner tube, the kind you'd use in a pool or at the beach. And these might be a little tricky to find this time of the year at your neighborhood store. So go online if you can't find 'em. They're still really inexpensive and pretty easy to get. So what you're gonna do is fill this up. I filled this one up and I actually took it outside and hit it with some spray paint in a delicious bakery brown color. We need to make sure that you use a spray paint that's specifically for plastic 'cause otherwise it won't adhere and it just won't work. So I hit it with my bakery brown and then I actually wanted to add a little delicious chocolate frosting to this donut to make it really look like a donut. So for that I used spray paint also for plastic in a glossy chocolate brown color. So you can see how it's really starting to look like a donut. So I've got my glossy brown on to give it that chocolate frosting. And then, while the paint was still wet, I started putting some sprinkles on it. And for the sprinkles this is super easy. You get some straws and you use fashion colors, bunch of neon colors, and just cut them in about 2 inch lengths. I've got a bunch cut here. And while the paint is still wet you can actually sprinkle these on and it'll stick. But, now that my paint's dry, I'm gonna use one of my trusty hot glue gun. And then I'll use maybe a pink one. I'll put a pink one with just a little dab of glue. You put one right there. And a green one, and I'll put it in there. And you just can put as many sprinkles as you want. Personally I like a lot of sprinkles, so I may be adding quite a few on to my donut. Perfect! So I've got all the sprinkles that I want. And now we need to figure out a way to actually wear this donut. So what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna wear it like this in the front. But if you've got a small kid you can always have them wear it around their waste if you want to. And to make our little hooks for it, I'm using some duct tape. What I did with I made a little kind of strap out of duct tape. I just rolled the duct tape on top of itself so that it comes like a real sturdy little strap. And then using some pieces of duct tape that I cut, I just taped over the sides so that my hook is nice and strong, another one right here. So there's one. And then I'm going to view the opposite side. So if you can imagine you're kinda gonna wear this like a messenger or a beauty queen where one is higher than the other one. So I've got that one there. So you've got your donut costume half way done. But every costume needs a little bit of accessories. And this is super duper easy to put together. You go to your local donut shop and maybe get one of these. That will always add a little something to your costume. And you can even make your own box of donuts if you take a shirt box like this. You can make whatever logo you want for your donut company, I mean, I've got Yummy Yummy Donuts here. So you just cut out labels and put it right on to a shirt box and you've got a box of donuts. And then you can make the handle for it, I did the same thing with the duct tape. I made a little strap by folding the duct tape on top of each other. And then long pieces on the side, and you've got a little handle. To finish off the look, dress in white pants and a white button down shirt with black belt and shoes, and you're ready to go. For more great holiday ideas, click here on 100 days of holidays.