Dry Cleaning Costume

Need a last-minute costume idea? Shop your closet to turn yourself into freshly pressed dry-cleaning.

Do you have a dry sense of humor? Well, you're definitely gonna clean up at your next holiday party with this super easy to make costume. What I love about this is you probably have everything you need for this costume right upstairs in your bedroom closet, so it's a quick and easy last minute one. So what you want to do is start out with a nice, sturdy headband like this one. You know if you got to borrow one from someone in your family, go right ahead. So you start out with this and then you're gonna use your hanger from your dry cleaner. So you're gonna take one of these and you're just gonna kind of bend it 'cause you're gonna make it a little hat out of it. So you just want to kind of bend it carefully 'cause you don't want to tear the paper, and you're gonna just make it the right kind of head shape size. Yeah. That looks pretty good. And this is probably gonna stay on your head on its own, but just to secure it, we're gonna glue it to the headband so it doesn't fall off while you're doing the Electric Slide when it is complete. Check it out. So you're getting the dry cleaning illusion here. Very very cool. Okay. So then you get one of your bags from your dry cleaning upstairs, and what you're gonna do is just tear a little hole for your head right here at the top, just the right size for your noggin. You want to be careful with these bags 'cause they're very flimsy. You don't want to tear it. And then on the sides, I'm gonna cut 2 little arm holes. And I've got my 2 arm holes pretty much ready to go, and now it's placed on my head. So all you need now is a nice freshly dry cleaned shirt. You're gonna put this on, put the bag on it, and you are good to go. You're dry cleaning for the night. And the best part about this costume is you don't have to worry about spills. So when things get a little harry, you're well protected. And if you happen to have one of these receipts, why not throw that in? Staple it to the hat or staple it to the shirt. Wear it on your pants. For these and other great Halloween costume ideas, click on 100 Days of Holidays.