Retro Robot

Use ‘spare parts’ to assemble this cool retro robot costume. It’s even got a compartment for candy!

Your kid can rock this robot costume, too. It's really easy to make. It just requires some specific supplies, so you may need a little planning, but here is what you need. You start out with a box that's just the right size for you kid. You're gonna cut out a hole for the head, and then 2 holes for the arms on the sides, and then, I also made a hole here in the front, just a little bit smaller than this clear envelope here, which I'll show you what I'm gonna do with it in a little bit, and then cut out the bottom here. So once you've got that done, then I spray painted it with some silver spray paint, silver metallic, to give it that real robotic look, and then using foil tape, which this is used for different like AC ducts and things like that. You can get it at any hardware store. I just trimmed up my edges to make it look extra metallic. So I'll show you how to use this. This is a little bit tricky stuff to work with 'cause it's just so sticky and it's really thin, but what's nice about it is once you put it down, it really just pulls right to the size that you need. It keeps creases really well. So once I've got that done, what I want to do is then protect, you know, your kid's neck and arms from having to rub up against the cardboard. So the best thing for that is this stuff called pipe installation. You buy it in bigger lengths, and then you cut it down to the sizes you need. And what's cool about this stuff is it actually has a cut in it so that you can slide it over any kind of water pipes and things you have in the house. And then I'm also gonna do the neck hole here, and you do kind of the same thing with the neck hole. I'm actually gonna do it all the way around the neck. And any excess, you just cut off with a pair of scissors. Then with our envelope, because this is a robot that is going to feed on candy, what you're gonna do is you're actually going to use some duct tape and you're going to duct tape the envelope inside of our robot body. So I've got pretty much. That's a pretty good amount of candy in there. You can definitely see that this is a candiverous robot. So I'm gonna put this to the side, and now I'm gonna show you what to do with the arms and the legs. Super duper easy. This is dryer duct. Again, you can get this at any hardware store. So and it looks perfect for a little arm for our robot. So basically you're gonna cut the lengths that you need for the arms. You're gonna cut arms and legs, so 4 lengths of these, and these are just gonna slide right over your kid's arms like this. And then to protect the, you know, protect his arm or her arm from any sharp edges, you're gonna use the same duct tape and just kind of cover up the edge. So you're gonna make 4 of these, 2 for the arms, and 2 for the legs, but this robot needs a helmet, and here's a really easy helmet that you can make. You start out with a bike helmet and you can either spray paint it silver, or if you happen to have a silver one, just use that. And then I made this antenna here by using the clamp that came from my dryer duct, and a slinky. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna open up the clamp, and you're gonna double, actually hot glue it inside of the little vents here of the helmet like I've got this one. And then you open up your slinky inside like this, and so then you've got your robotic antenna on the helmet. So you do need some pretty specific materials for this one, but they are easy to find and you can see the results are really worth it. Trick or treat. Trick or treat.