Pumpkin ‘Patch’

Patch together a really original look using different colors & shapes cut from pumpkins and gourds.

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Give pumpkin patch a whole new meaning with this cool crazy coat technique. Think diamonds, squares, circles, any shape you'd use in a crazy coat you gonna use in your patch work pumpkin. So to start out you need a couple of different colored pumpkins. I've got a white one, an orange one, and kind of this greenish one right here. And then because we need to make sure all of the pieces are interchangeable, you're gonna make little templates like these out of craft foams. So just decide what shape you want, cut 'em out, and the you'll use these over and over again on all your pumpkins. So I just kind of stuck it on here and then cut around to take out these diamond shape pieces like this. So I'm gonna use the white diamond shapes on my orange pumpkin, and then the orange shapes on my white pumpkin. So this is gonna have to take just a little bit of planning because you wanna make sure if you've got 6 shapes here, you wanna figure out a way to use the 6 shapes in the other pumpkin. So it takes a little bit of planning but it's no big deal. So I got some of my orange pieces right here and I'm gonna use these in my white pumpkin. So you can just pop 'em in like this. And if you want a little bit of extra security, you can use toothpicks and just stick a toothpick in the side like that. And then you can just push it in to one side of the pumpkin. In that way it'll stay a lot longer. And I'm gonna do the same for the orange pumpkin with the white diamonds I cut out. Just gonna pop a few in there. And what's great about this is actually you don't have to scoop these pumpkins out because you're just using the flesh of it. You can leave 'em nice and pulpy in the middle and just cut out the sides. It saves you a step. So I'll just push these in there. And then I found these really cool decorative staples at the craft store in the scrap booking aisle. And some of them have little spots like this, some of them have stripes like these. And I'm gonna just press these in to the sides of my pumpkin my pieces like that. They kinda look like stitches. And maybe I'll do the polka dot ones here. It's so easy to do these that you're gonna wanna whip up a whole batch of 'em!