Family Faces Pumpkins

Picture this - a whole family of funny, freaky faces for Halloween that you don’t have to carve!

Freak out your family and play Frankenstein with their faces. The key to this one is nice, big pictures. This is a great no-carve option for your pumpkins. Get some pictures of your friends, your families. Print some out large. Print some out small, so you get different scales of noses, eyes, glasses, whatever, and then you're gonna cut out some pieces like these glasses here or eyes, noses, and, you know, mix it up. Get some big noses, small noses, big eyes, little eyes, whatever. And then, you're going to stick your pieces onto a piece of craft foam like this. I just used a glue stick for that. So let's see. I want to do an eye. Maybe this one. Gonna stick some glue on the back of it like that. Stick that on there, and then you're just gonna cut around so that all your shapes have a little bit more bodies to them. So I've got some that I cut out right here. Got some glasses and nose, some lips. So I'm just gonna use a little bit of glue dot. The nice thing about the foam and the glue dot is it gives it a nice 3-dimensional look, and if you plan to keep these outside, you could always put some contact paper over all your features, and then stick them on so that they can withstand the elements. If you don't want to carve this season, mix it up and create your own freaky family of pumpkins.